Tips for Beating Runt in Kingdom Come Deliverance (the Boss Battle)

Runt is a formidable opponent who must be defeated in the final stage of the Baptism of Fire main quest. This fight cannot be avoided, so it is important to prepare for this encounter, especially if you have focused on Speech and have been relying on conversation to solve problems with NPCs.

  • How to Prepare for the Fight with Runt
  • How to Defeat Runt in Kingdom Come Deliverance

How to Prepare for the Fight with Runt

Here are some tips on how to prepare for the fight with Runt and how to defeat this “boss”:

space to your advantage. Runt is a skilled warrior but he is slower and less mobile than you. Use this to your advantage by running around the attic and avoiding his attacks.

  • Use a mace or an axe if you prefer melee combat. Swords won’t be effective against Runt’s armor. Make sure to unlock perks related to combos to increase your chances of defeating him.
  • Wear a full helmet to protect yourself from archers and make sure to wear high-quality armor. You can find good armor in the Cuman camp or visit the armor smith in Rattay.
  • Check your character’s health and stamina before the fight and rest or use a potion to boost your combat abilities. Create a manual save file before starting the quest in case you need to replay it.
  • Don’t engage in fights with other enemies during the quest as it can weaken you before the boss fight. Let your allies fight with the bandits and Cumans.
  • Make sure to prepare your character before starting the quest. Don’t start Baptism by Fire right after completing Nest of Vipers main quest. Ask for more time to prepare yourself and make sure your character is at level 8-10 with high Strength, Agility, and Vitality.
  • Choose your weapon carefully based on your preferred combat style. If you prefer melee combat, use a mace or an axe. If you prefer ranged combat, use a good bow with the best arrows available.
  • Be patient and persistent. Runt is a tough opponent but with the right preparation and tactics, you can defeat him.
  • To keep Runt at bay, stay near the starting point and use your bow to shoot at him whenever possible. Aim for his head for a chance to take him down with a single arrow. If your aim isn’t great, you can try shooting at his armor, but it will take many arrows. Dodge sideways when Runt tries to use a combo and keep an eye on your stamina bar to avoid accidentally depleting it. Alternatively, you can use a melee weapon to kill Runt. Blocking his attacks is crucial, and perfect blocks can lead to a riposte. Combos are also effective, but be mindful of your stamina and move away from the enemy when it’s almost depleted.


    1. What’s the strategy to defeat Runt in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

    To defeat Runt, you need to have a good weapon, armor, and combat skills. Firstly, try to weaken him by using arrows. When he gets close, use a shield to block his attacks and then strike him with your weapon. Avoid hitting him when he’s blocking because it will just consume your stamina. Keep moving and dodge his attacks until you get the opportunity to attack. Don’t forget to use your special moves like Master Strike, which will deal a lot of damage to him.

    2. How do I prepare for the boss battle with Runt?

    To prepare for the boss battle with Runt, make sure you have a good weapon and armor. You can buy them from merchants or craft them yourself. Train your combat skills by practicing with Bernard, the combat trainer in Rattay. Also, make sure to have enough food and potions to restore your health and stamina during the battle. You can also try to level up your character by completing quests and side missions.

    3. What are the common mistakes to avoid during the boss battle with Runt?

    The common mistakes to avoid during the boss battle with Runt are hitting him when he’s blocking, not using your shield to block his attacks, and not dodging his attacks. Also, don’t waste your stamina by attacking him constantly. Wait for the right moment to strike. Another mistake is not using your special moves, like Master Strike, which can deal a lot of damage to him. Finally, don’t panic and keep your cool during the battle.

    4. Can I use any specific weapons or armor to defeat Runt?

    There are no specific weapons or armor to defeat Runt, but it’s recommended to use a longsword, mace, or axe. Also, make sure to have a good shield to block his attacks. You can also use a bow to weaken him before engaging in close combat. As for armor, wear the best one you have available, preferably plate armor. It will provide good protection against his attacks. Don’t forget to repair your equipment before the battle.

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