How to Fix Damaged Weapons or Armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

This page of the Kingdom Come Deliverance guide provides a detailed walkthrough to repair damaged weapons and armor used by the hero. We have listed various methods of fixing equipment, including those that attempt to bring it back to mint condition on our own.

  • Basic Assumptions for Repairing Equipment
  • How to Repair a Damaged Weapon
  • How to Repair Damaged Armor

Basic Assumptions for Repairing Equipment

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, all elements of your equipment can wear out. Damaged weapons deal less damage, while defective pieces of armor won’t offer you good protection from enemy attacks. Repair your equipment before you embark on a longer journey or start a bigger quest. Below you can find information on how to do that.

Important note – start developing Maintenance skill as soon as you start the game. This allows you to repair weapons better and unlock perks connected to that skill. A fast way to level up your Maintenance is to use cheap weapons on a grindstone. You can also pay for lessons (e.g. a blacksmith in Rattay).

How to Repair a Damaged Weapon

You can repair weapons by using grindstones. However, this works only on those weapons that have a blade. Grindstones are located in almost every village, usually near a blacksmith. Save your game before you start using a grindstone, as the repair mini-game can be challenging, and failing it can worsen your weapon’s durability. Pay attention to the tutorial that teaches you how to use a grindstone.

Below are the most important things about this mini-game:

  1. The most important thing about repairing a weapon is to keep it at the right angle. This allows you to sharpen it properly after pedaling and setting a grindstone in motion. The game informs you when your weapon is angled correctly by showing sparks that come out from a weapon. Smoke indicates that a weapon is getting damaged (quickly move your weapon away from a grindstone). Don’t expect the right angle to stay throughout an entire sharpening process; you have to keep adjusting it.
  2. You have to sharpen the entire blade of your weapon. When you notice that a given part of a blade is sharp, move it to the left or the right and repeat the process.
  3. Your weapon can start shining when you sharpen it properly – this is another visual sign that a weapon is in good condition. You can stop the mini-game and check that weapon’s stats in the inventory. An improvement in its durability (100% is an optimal value) means that you have successfully sharpened your weapon. A worsened durability indicates that you have failed the mini-game. In that case, you can reload your game and repeat the process.

You can also use repair kits to fix your weapons. These kits can be bought from traders or found in the world.

The last solution is to pay a blacksmith to fix your weapon. They can be found in most villages. Depending on a weapon’s damage level, this can cost you from a few to several hundreds of Groschen.

Fixing Damaged Armor in Kingdom Come

  1. Unlike other games, Kingdom Come does not have a mini-game for repairing armor.
  2. However, there are many repair kits available that are suitable for Henry’s Maintenance skill level and can be used to fix specific types of armor, such as shoes or plate armor.
  3. Alternatively, you can seek out a professional repair service, but make sure to go to the right person – an armor smith won’t fix shoes and a cobbler won’t repair a breastplate.
  4. Be aware that repairing armor can be expensive, sometimes even more than repairing weapons, so it’s best to avoid serious damage during fights and only spend your gold on repairing the pieces you use regularly.


1. How do I know if my weapon or armor is damaged?

In Kingdom Come Deliverance, you can tell if your weapon or armor is damaged by checking its condition. You can do this by opening your inventory and looking for the condition bar next to the item. If the bar is yellow or red, it means the item is damaged and needs to be repaired.

2. Where can I go to repair my damaged weapon or armor?

You can go to a blacksmith or armorer to repair your damaged weapon or armor. These NPCs can be found in towns and cities throughout the game. Just look for the icon on your map that represents a blacksmith or armorer. Once you find one, talk to them and select the option to repair your item.

3. What materials do I need to repair my damaged weapon or armor?

The materials you need to repair your damaged weapon or armor depend on the item’s type and level of damage. Generally, you will need a repair kit, which can be purchased from blacksmiths and armors, as well as some gold to pay for the repair service. Some high-level items may require more expensive materials, such as a precious metal or gemstones, to repair.

4. Can I repair my own weapon or armor?

Yes, you can repair your own weapon or armor if you have the necessary skill level and materials. To repair an item yourself, go to a blacksmith or armorer’s workbench and select the repair option. You will need to have the required materials in your inventory and meet the skill level requirement for that item type.

5. What happens if I don’t repair my damaged weapon or armor?

If you don’t repair your damaged weapon or armor, its effectiveness in combat will decrease. The item’s damage output or protection will be reduced, and it may even break completely in the middle of a fight. It’s important to keep your equipment in good condition to ensure you are prepared for any battle.

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