How to Obtain the “Merciful” Trophy in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Without Killing Anyone

If you wish to unlock the “Merciful” trophy in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you must complete all the main quests without killing any character except for Runt, who is an exception as the main protagonist wants to seek revenge on him. However, achieving this trophy is not an easy feat. You must be vigilant throughout the game, so here are some tips to help you out.

Here are some essential tips that can assist you in unlocking this trophy:

  1. The requirements of the trophy are only for the main story line quests. Any side quests or additional activities that require killing someone do not count towards the trophy. However, always confirm which type of quest you are currently undertaking.
  2. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, problems can be solved in multiple ways. Try to avoid any potential confrontations by evading enemies or sneaking into locations where you must complete a task such as sabotage or rescue. Even if you come across an enemy, you can still try to avoid combat by selecting unique dialog lines related to Speech (developing this attribute should be your priority).
  3. Remember that even if a fight breaks out, you do not have to participate in it. You can run away and escape pursuers (a horse can be useful here).
  4. You can still obtain the trophy even if you started a fight. A defeated enemy can surrender, as shown in the picture. You can show them mercy and let them escape. However, this may not always happen, as you can kill a weaker person “prematurely” by using too many powerful attacks without giving them a chance to surrender. Therefore, avoid such situations.
  5. Winning at the sparring arenas will not affect the “Merciful” trophy as a defeated enemy will not die (even if you used a real sword).
  6. You are required to participate in massive battles during certain parts of the game. However, you must still remember the “no killing” rule. You can solve this problem by conducting perfect reconnaissance and using all sabotage opportunities available. This will enhance your chances of winning a battle. During a fight, stand somewhere on the side or escape your enemies if they focus their attention on you and wait for the battle to end.
  7. Wild game animals do not count towards the trophy. Therefore, you do not have to avoid killing rabbits while hunting during one of the main quests.
  8. Saves can aid you significantly in obtaining this trophy. You can always load your game if you accidentally kill someone and try again. You can also monitor your stats from time to time, where you can find numerous pieces of information related to combat.

Here are some additional tips for some of the main quests:

Here are some tips for playing the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance without killing anyone:

1. In the quest “The Prey,” save Hans Capon by sneaking into the Cumans’ camp during the night and avoiding killing anyone.

2. In “The Hunt Begins,” don’t attack the bandits in the forest. Wait for one to die and sneak up on their corpse to search it.

3. In “Ginger in a Pickle,” don’t kill the bandits in the forest. Instead, successfully lie to the charcoal-burners and/or Ginger himself by telling them that the bandits are dead.

4. In “On the Scent,” escape from the bandits after finding Reeky.

5. In “My Friend Timmy,” don’t kill the bandits who stop Henry near the mill. Either accompany them or escape.

6. In “Baptism of Fire,” don’t kill anyone during any phase of the battle in Pribyslavitz. Stay away from those who are fighting with each other. The only time you need to kill someone is at the end when you have to kill Runt.

7. In “All That Glitters,” don’t kill Ulrich, Rapota, or Jezhek. Instead, force them to surrender.

8. In “A Needle in a Haystack,” choose whether to release or arrest Pious after establishing his identity.

9. In “The Die is Cast,” don’t fight with the bandits on the swamps. Show them a die from Pious or try to escape. Also, at the end of the quest, escape from Fort Vranik without attacking any bandits.

10. In “Payback,” don’t fight with the bandits from Fort Vranik. Let your allies handle them.

11. In “Out of the Frying Pan,” get to the control mechanism of the barred doors without killing anyone. You may run away from them or pull them off near your allies.

12. In “Night Raid,” don’t kill any guards. Start the alarm and escape from the castle.

13. In “Rocketer,” don’t kill Peychar. Knock him out, let him escape, or let him go after talking to him.

14. In “Cold Steel, Hot Blood” and “Family Values,” don’t kill any enemies. Let your allies handle them.

15. In “An Oath is an Oath,” don’t kill anyone during the attack on Talmberg Castle. Let your allies and Captain Bernard defeat them.


1. Can you really complete a game without killing anyone?

Yes, it is possible to complete many games without killing anyone. Some games, such as “Deus Ex” or “Dishonored”, have multiple paths and options for non-lethal playstyles. Other games, such as “Undertale”, have been designed specifically to allow for a no-kill playthrough. It may require more patience and strategy, but it is definitely achievable.

2. What are the benefits of completing a game without killing?

Completing a game without killing can unlock special achievements or trophies, as well as provide a sense of satisfaction for those who prefer to play as a pacifist. It can also offer a unique gameplay experience, as players must creatively navigate levels and use non-lethal methods to overcome challenges.

3. Are there any downsides to playing without killing?

While playing without killing can be rewarding, it may also limit the player’s options and make the game more challenging. Some players may find the non-lethal methods tedious or less exciting than simply fighting their way through the game. Additionally, some games may require certain kills to progress the story or complete objectives.

4. How can I prepare for a no-kill playthrough?

Before attempting a no-kill playthrough, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics and explore non-lethal options. Research online resources, such as forums or walkthroughs, to learn from others who have completed the game without killing. Finally, be patient and don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies to find what works for you.

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