Rattay | Side Quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Discover a guide to complete the side quests in Rattay city in Kingdom Come. The quests include The Good Thief, Pickpocketing, Aquarius, Cook, A Bird in the Hand, Next to Godliness, and Tough Love.

This section offers a walkthrough of the side quests that are available in Rattay. You can access this city once you complete the Homecoming main quest, but not all side quests will be available immediately.

  • The Good Thief
  • Pickpocketing
  • Aquarius
  • Cook
  • A Bird in the Hand…
  • Next to Godliness
  • Clothes Make the Man
  • Robber Baron
  • Tough Love
  • Waldensians
  • Money for Old Rope
  • The Kings Silver
  • Scavenger

The Good Thief

How to unlock: This quest is unlocked automatically after completing the Homecoming main quest (the conversation with Theresa).

  1. After the miller’s daughter, Theresa, saves your life, you will learn that her father, Peshek, has covered the expenses of your convalescence. This quest will allow you to settle the debt.
  2. Find Peshek around his household. There are two ways to settle the debt. You can either give the miller 50 groschen or steal a ring for him. If that’s what you want to do, start by finding a spade – it’s leaning on the wooden cart (the screen above).

  1. The first task is to dig out the corpse of the ring’s owner – it’s an optional step, however. Reach the gallows and look for a new grave. After digging out the corpse, you will find the ring’s missing.
  2. Reach the nearby house inhabited by Hermann, the hangman. The ring can be obtained in two ways. You can either just buy it by talking to the man (you may try to persuade him) – this will cost at least 15 groschen.

The second solution requires you to lie to Hermann (using persuasion) that Peshek called him. If you can manage to do that, the hangman will leave the house – if you fail, he’ll stay. In the first case, you will just have to sneak into the house (pry-open the door) and open the chest with the ring.

Take Dead man’s ring back to Peshek. He will send our hero to the Miller in Kohelnitz – it’s a small household where you can meet Woyzeck. If you have the ring, Woyzeck will be very pleased. You will unlock the option to sell stolen goods (Woyzeck is a fence) and learn Stealth. Furthermore, if you are interested in thievery, Woyzeck will have some additional (well-paid) work for you.


How to unlock: Speak to Peshek.

  1. If you talk to Peshek, you can bring up the subject of pickpocketing and ask him to teach Henry the basics. This lesson is free, which is unusual.
  2. Go to the back of the house and do what the miller asks. Sneak up on Peshek from behind and hold the interaction button for at least 10 seconds to have enough time to steal from him. Find the dagger in his inventory (as shown above) and take it. ALSO, close the pickpocketing window before time runs out.


How to unlock: Talk to the Bailiff in Rattay.

Ask the Bailiff about a job (you can find him inside the rathaus or while he is walking down the streets). He will give you this quest. Help him find the best people from Skalitz who can carry water, can take care of emptying the latrines, and do the cooking. Talk to him about every possible topic.

People for water-carrying and emptying latrines

Find Alex, one of the refugees. He is a beggar. Talk to him about finding people who are interested in work. You learn that he needs a little bit of time to gather everyone in one place. Wait a few hours and go to the yard next to the rathaus. There, you will meet everyone (this place is presented in the picture). Talk to every person and select every possible dialog line.

  1. Rock – You learn about his injury. This gives you an optional objective where you can bring him a potion that can heal his arm. Rock can be easily convinced to work with latrines. Simply use either persuasion or impress him (he has only 1 point in each of the categories).
  2. Pickman – He promises Henry that if he gets a job, he will reward you with a piece of a valuable relic. You can then find him on the bridge (he is one of the beggars) and collect a piece of The Queen of Sheba’s Sword. It’s one of five pieces that the swordsmith from Sasau will need to forge the sword (The Queen of Sheba’s Sword activity).
  3. Vincent – He won’t give you anything if you choose him as a new worker.
  4. Kornelius – He promises Henry a great offer from Sasau’s armor smith. Find him on the town’s bridge (he is one of the beggars) and talk to him. You learn a secret password that you have to give to the Sasau’s armor smith.
  5. Tonda – He promises Henry a combat lesson. Find him on the town’s bridge (he is one of the beggars) and talk to him about a lesson (it is only available if that ability has a low level).

You are also approached by Antonia (she wants to work as a water-carrier) and by Theresa who asks Henry to get jobs for both Antonia and Vincent (you don’t have to make a decision right away).

Hiring a Cook

You need to find a new cook and have been advised by Konrad Hagen to consider Agnes. However, Agnes seems uninterested as she made a promise to Father Francis. You can find Father Francis at the church in Sasau and convince him to let Agnes take the job. Return to Agnes with the news and persuade her to take up the role.

Completing the Quest

After meeting with all candidates and speaking with Agnes and Father Francis in Sasau, go back to the Bailiff. You can decide to hire Antonia and Vincent as water-carriers based on Theresa’s request, or choose Pickman for greater profits. For the cook, select Agnes if you convinced her to take the job, otherwise, choose Antonia. You will receive 35 Groschen for completing the quest and can collect your reward from the beggars in the town’s market or on the main street.

A Bird in the Hand…

To unlock this quest, speak with Huntsman Berthold in Rattay. You will need to retrieve three nightingales for him, which can be found in Vranik forest. Be aware that this quest has several bugs, so keep a Saviour Schnapps with you and do not save your game until you complete it. The game does not provide any markers for the nightingales, so you will have to listen for their song and search for them in the forest.

Begin near Peshek’s farm, head north, climb a hill, and then go west until you reach the part of the forest marked yellow. Leave your horse here to avoid any bugs and start searching for the nightingales.

Listen for the nightingales’ song and look for them at points B, C, and D (as shown in the picture above). When you locate one, use a bird trap from your inventory to capture it.

Open your inventory, select the bird traps from the last tab, and drop one trap to capture each nightingale.

The image above shows an example of how the cage should land on the ground. If it doesn’t, you may have a bug and will need to reload the game and repeat the actions. Place the remaining two cages in different parts of the forest. Return to the first cage after placing the third, and wait for the first nightingale to be inside. If the traps are still empty, wait a little longer or change locations. Bring three full bird traps to Berthold without saving the game in between, and you will receive 40 ordinary arrows and 55 Groschen.

To unlock the “Next to Godliness” quest, speak with Hans Capon after completing “The Prey” main quest. Find Hans in the fort, next to the refugees’ camp in the southern part of Rattay. He will suggest visiting a bathhouse together. Meet Hans at the bathhouse in the evening, and he will ask Henry to play dice with Zdena. Play three times and try to win. Regardless of the outcome, the quest will continue.

Hans will then ask Henry to steal wine. Before leaving the bathhouse, check the nearby chest for Hans’s keys. Head to Rattay’s rathaus, go to the basement, and enter the armor smith’s shop. You can either sneak in and lockpick the door or speak with the guard and use Speech or bribe him. Collect a pitcher and some Sylvan red wine, and return to Hans.

The final task is to collect flowers for Klara. Go to the Upper Castle in Rattay, find the passage on the right, and enter the garden to pick a bouquet of flowers.

The Final Battle Against Archibald and Quest Completion

Once the cut-scene ends, you will have to face Archibald. While the combat isn’t too challenging, avoid getting cornered since the room is small.

After waking up the next day, seek out Hans Capon in the town and speak with him again. You must help him decide if Archibald deserves punishment or not. Upon completing this task, you’ll receive a small sum of Groschen and finish the quest.

Clothes Make the Man

How to Unlock: Speak with Sir Hans Capon after finishing the side quest Next to Godliness.

This quest and the subsequent one (Robber Baron) can be easy to miss. You won’t hear about them by asking NPCs for the latest gossip. Instead, after completing the Next to Godliness side quest, you must locate Hans Capon in Rattay on your own. Depending on the time of day, he can be found in the lower castle or at the inn shown in the screenshot (sitting on one of the benches in front of the inn).

Hans will tell you about the planned meeting with Hanush, but first, you must dress appropriately. Go to Hans’ room in the lower castle and take the clothes from the chest. Wearing them is optional, but it will please Hans. Return to Hans and join him for the meeting with Hanush, which begins with the Robber Baron quest.

Robber Baron

How to Unlock: Speak with Hans Capon in the Clothes Make the Man quest, and later with Sir Hanush in the Castle.

Hanush tasks you with stopping a noble robber. Leave the castle, meet Captain Bernard in the courtyard, and embark on a long journey. It will end when you reach the camp in the forest (the same one from the main quest, The Prey). Speak with Bernard once more.

Locating Sir Wolflin’s Campsite

Henry must find Wolflin’s campsite. You can begin your search in two locations marked on the map:

  1. To find the Wolflin’s camp, you can talk to a peasant at a northern farm and accuse her of hiding the truth. If you pass the persuasion or impressiveness test, you will learn that she knows the way to the camp and can take Henry there. Alternatively, you can visit a southern farm where a peasant will tell you about her wounded husband and show you blood traces that lead to the camp.
  2. Once you locate the camp, you can choose between two options. The first one is an instant attack on the camp. To do that, select the first dialog option and confirm your readiness for the attack. During the battle, focus on attacking enemies who are busy fighting your allies and don’t forget to wear a good helmet in case of archers. After the fight, search and plunder the defeated enemies’ bodies and talk to Bernard.
  3. The second option is negotiations. To choose this option, suggest a peaceful solution to Bernard during your conversation and convince him by passing a persuasion or impressiveness test. If successful, Bernard will give you Oleshnitz waffenrock and you will need to remove all weapons from your active slots. Return to the camp wearing the waffenrock and you will be arrested by a bandit who will take you to Wolflin. You will have two new action options then.

The attached map shows the location of the camp. Don’t approach it directly. Instead, go back to your allied camp and report to Captain Bernard about the situation. Tell him that you have noticed around 10 enemies in the camp. You can now decide which option to choose to complete the quest.

  1. If you want to get Wolflin to leave the neighborhood, you have three options for behavior. No matter which option you choose, you’ll have to pass a test of persuasion or impressiveness. Even if you pass the test, you’ll be sent back with a voucher to Bernard and you’ll have to play the battle described in the main option 1.
  2. If you choose to challenge Wolfin to an honorary duel, equip Henry immediately after the duel starts. Wolflin is a skilled fighter, so rely on perfect blocks and wait for opportunities when he is exposed. Avoid hitting other bandits while fighting. After killing Wolflin, return to Bernard, who will be unhappy that Henry made the decision without consulting him.

Return to Sir Hanush

Regardless of what you did in the quest, return to Rattay and meet Sir Hanush in the upper castle. He’ll be pleased if you won the battle with Wolflin and his followers or defeated Wolflin in an honorary duel. Hanush will give you a valuable Magdeburg sword. You’ll also unlock the Robber Baron achievement.

Tough Love

How to unlock: Talk to Executioner Hermann on his farm.

Executioner Hermann’s house is west of Rattay (as shown in the picture above). You may have visited it during The Good Thief side quest. Speak with Hermann and learn about Elishka’s problem. Then talk to her and ask about her in-laws.

Go to Rattay and speak with the Bailiff. Use persuasion or impressiveness during the conversation (the Bailiff has low stats in both). Talk to the scribe about Elishka’s in-laws.

Head southwest of Rattay to reach the farm (as shown in the picture). Don’t try to slide down the steep hill as it’s risky. Instead, take a path that goes around and reaches your destination from the east or west. Speak with the old woman and convince her to take in Elishka. Pay 70 Groschen or use a unique dialog line (preferably persuasion).

Return to Executioner Hermann’s farm and talk to Elishka about her in-laws. Then speak with Hermann and learn that he loves Elishka and wants to live with her. Go back to the woman and give her “life advice”:

  1. Elishka should live with her in-laws.
  2. Elishka should stay with Hermann.

You’ll receive 175 Groschen. If you choose the second option, a cut-scene will play showing a conversation between Elishka and Hermann. Speak with Hermann again and receive an additional 30 Groschen.


How to unlock: Talk to Sir Hanush.

To unlock this quest, you need to advance enough in the main plot and learn to read beforehand (part of the Mightier than The Sword side quest from Uzhitz, where you pay for a basic reading lesson with the local scribe).

Sir Hanush can be found in the upper castle in Rattay, but he may have relocated near Talmberg due to your progress in the main plot. You can take a quest from him to deal with the troublesome Vicar of the Archbishop, whom Hanush wants to remove peacefully.

Meeting the Vicar and Discovering Heretic Traces

To meet the Vicar, you need to travel to Uzhitz. Depending on the time of day, he can be found near the church or in the building where Father Godwin used to reside. You can offer your assistance in locating heretics. The Vicar will give you a book called Heretic’s Testimony, which contains notes about one of the heretics’ torture. You can view it in your inventory for tips on finding heretic traces in Uzhitz.

First, you must determine where the Waldensians meet. The Torture Log information will lead you to a field surrounded by trees and located near a large water reservoir northeast of Uzhitz.

Show the Vicar the Wooden Cross

Locate the largest tree in the field and find the Wooden Cross at its base. Return to Uzhitz and show the cross to the Vicar, then meet with Father Godwin. The Bauer family will be identified. During the conversation with Godwin, you can express your opinion on tracing the heretics, but the final decision will be yours.

Investigating the Bauer Family

You can inform the Vicar of the Bauer family’s spying plan, although this is optional. The Bauer farm is south of Uzhitz. Avoid getting too close to the family members, as the mission goal may be temporarily cancelled. Instead, focus on finding the ladder in the screenshot above, which leads to the attic. Use the interaction key to speed up time and watch a cutscene of the Bauer family’s evening prayer.

Possible Solutions for the Heretics Problem

After the cutscene, you can decide how to complete the quest or speak with Father Godwin before making a decision. Here are some possible solutions for dealing with the heretics:

  1. Reporting to the Vicar: During a conversation with the Vicar, you have three options – lying and saying that the Bauer family are Satan worshippers, giving an accurate account of the situation, or stating that there was nothing unusual about their prayer. If you choose to report truthfully, you will receive 325 groschen from the Vicar.
  2. Convincing Mrs. Bauer to Escape: After watching the evening prayer cut scenes, you can try to persuade Mrs. Bauer to leave Uzhitz. It’s important to conceal that you’re investigating on behalf of the Vicar and instead insist that you want to help. Persuasion will be necessary to convince her, so make sure Henry has at least 15 points in this skill. Drinking a bard’s mixture temporarily boosts speech and can increase the chance of success. If you’re successful, tell the Vicar about the Bauer’s escape.
  3. Slaughtering the Vicar: If you disagree with the heretics or fail to convince Mrs. Bauer, you can choose to kill the Vicar. Sneak to the cottage next to the church at night and use a dagger to kill him quietly. It’s important to have the Stealth Kill perk to avoid confrontation with his followers.

Finishing the Quest

Complete all the tasks and report back to Sir Hanush to receive payment. If you helped the Vicar, he’ll be pleased. However, if you aided the heretics or killed the Vicar, Sir Hanush will be angry. In this case, it’s best to lie during your meeting with him.

Money for Old Rope

To unlock this quest, talk to Executioner Hermann after progressing in the main plot and completing the Tough Love quest. Henry must also learn to read, which can be achieved through the Mightier than the Sword side quest in Uzhitz. Hermann is uneasy with the planned executions in the city and wants to sabotage them to embarrass the Kuttenberg executioner. You have a week to complete this quest before the prisoners are executed as planned.

Meeting with the Mayor and examining the Black Book

To begin, locate the Mayor, who can often be found walking around the city or in the town hall. Ask him about the impending executions of three individuals and gather as much information as possible. Next, read the Black Book to determine the types of executions that are planned for each crime. The Black Book is located on the first floor of the town hall and can be found on a stand, as shown in the screenshot. If the room is locked, consider using a lockpick or obtaining a key from Scribe Friedrich’s inventory.

After gathering the necessary information, return to Executioner Hermann and discuss the plan of action. Use the information from the Black Book to correctly select the appropriate penalties for each individual:

  1. Peter of Dauba – Head will be cut off (second dialogue option)
  2. Georg Weiss – Will be hanged (first dialogue option)
  3. Frost Heralt – Will be subjected to torture (fifth dialogue option)

Finally, discuss the plan with Hermann and obtain the Executioner’s rope.

Sabotage 1/3 – Poisoning the torture tool

In order to carry out this plan, obtain Poison. If you have already completed the main quest Baptism of Fire, you can find it in the abandoned Kumans’ camp in Pribyslavitz. Otherwise, travel to the herbalist located in the forest north of Ledetchko (as shown in the screenshot) to purchase a bottle of poison for around 60 groschen.

Once you have the poison, travel east from Rattay to the temporary residence of the Kuttenberg executioner. Be sure to sneak there at night and avoid the guards and the dog (which can be killed). Once you reach the cart shown in the screenshot, apply the poison to the torture tool which is located on the chest.

Sabotage 2/3 – Replacing the rope

Travel to the temporary residence of the Kuttenberg executioner, located to the east of Rattay. Sneak there at night and avoid the guards and the dog (which can be killed). Search for a small building and enter the barn. Use the ladder to reach the attic, where you can find the rope shown in the screenshot. Replace the good rope with the tearing one received from Hermann by pressing the interaction key.

Sabotage Part 3 of 3 – Damaging the Executioner’s Sword

Head east of Rattay and look for an executioner from Kuttenberg who has temporarily stopped there. Try to sneak over at night, but watch out for the dog (you can kill it). Also, be aware of the executioner’s guards (you can choke or kill them, but don’t harm the executioner!). The sword is kept in the executioner’s chest in the tent on the right side of the barn entrance. You can open the chest by stealing the key (Key to Heinz’s chest) from the Kuttenberg executioner or by using a lockpick (the lock is easy, but there is a risk of being heard). Find the Executioner’s Sword in the chest and take it with you.

Take the sword with you, for example, to the blacksmith’s stall in Rattay.

Be careful – Henry might be stopped by a guard on the way. You need to avoid being searched, so use a unique dialogue option or bribe the guard.

Go to the workstation with the sanding stone. Start the mini-game, but push the sword onto the stone as much as possible to produce black smoke, which indicates damage to the weapon. Ultimately, you must reduce the sword quality to the lowest level of 0 (as shown in the image). Return to where you took the sword from. Open the chest and this time, put the Executioner’s Sword (damaged) back in the chest in Henry’s inventory.

Return to Executioner Hermann and Complete the Quest

Meet Hermann to inform him that you have completed the tasks. The executions will take place the following day at 14:00 on a hill near Hermann’s hut. Go there and use time acceleration. A cutscene of a series of unsuccessful executions will be shown. Then, talk to the happy Hermann. If you have correctly sabotaged all three executions, you will get the Spoilsport trophy at the same time.

The King’s Silver

How to Unlock: Talk to Sir Radzig.

You can only start this quest when you have made significant progress in the main story. Meet Sir Radzig in Rattay, who is usually in the upper castle. He may have a task for you to investigate the situation at the Skalitz mines. Talk to the Chief Engineer Feyfar about this and go to Skalitz. There are a few steps to complete:

  1. Before you check the ore storage site, save your game as there are bandits present. You can either fight them if you are strong enough, or sneak in at night. Once you reach the marked location, interact with it to hear Henry’s comment on the finding.
  2. Ensure there are no enemies around before checking the water supply. Once you reach the marked location, interact with it to hear Henry’s comment on the finding.
  3. Get to the camp on the hill to meet Mine Foreman Nemoy. You can either arrest him (prepare for a fight) or bargain with him by collecting 450 groschen worth of gold.
  4. Leave the goal of finding a mine shaft until the end. Once you enter the mine, move quickly to avoid being targeted by the archer and head east. Use the long ladder and examine the opposite corridor if you come across a dead end. Exit from the mine using the screenshot as a guide. Return to Feyfar to give him the report and receive payment. You can also persuade him for more gold.

One of the miners guards the entrance to the mine. You can talk to him using either a standard dialogue option or intimidation. Explore the mine to find the location where Nemoy’s body was thrown into the mine shaft.

Once you regain control, move quickly back to the nearest corridor to avoid being targeted by the archer. Head east and use the long ladder. If you reach a dead end, examine the opposite corridor. You can exit the mine by following the screenshot. Miners will start to appear near the exit.

After giving the report to Feyfar, receive payment and potentially persuade him for more gold.


To unlock this mission, speak with Kunesh in Rattay.

Kunesh is one of the beggars in Rattay. Ask him for the overdue payment and use unique dialogue options or beat him to learn about a buried treasure. Go to Skalitz and enter the ruined center of the village. Reach the dovecote in the eastern part of Skalitz and use a shovel to dig up the treasure. You’ll find a valuable Beran’s cup and 50 groschen in the chest.


1. What is Rattay and why is it important in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Rattay is a major city in the game Kingdom Come Deliverance. It serves as a central hub for many of the game’s side quests and main storylines. Players will spend a lot of time in Rattay, as it is home to many important characters, shops, and services. In addition to being a bustling city, Rattay also has a castle and a number of surrounding villages that players can explore. Many important decisions and events in the game will take place in Rattay, making it a critical location for players to master.

2. What are some of the most interesting side quests in Rattay?

There are many side quests available in Rattay, each with their own unique storylines and challenges. Some of the most interesting side quests include the “Beggars Feast,” where players must help a group of beggars put together a feast, and “The Good Thief,” where players must help a thief steal a valuable item from a wealthy merchant. Other notable side quests include “The Prey,” where players must hunt down a dangerous boar, and “Aquarius,” where players must help a local bathhouse owner deal with a group of unruly customers. Each of these quests offers a unique experience and rewards players for their efforts.

3. Can players complete all of the side quests in Rattay?

While it is possible to complete many of the side quests in Rattay, not all of them can be finished in a single playthrough. Some quests are only available during certain times of the day or under certain conditions, while others require specific skills or equipment. Additionally, some quests may have branching storylines that lead to different outcomes depending on the player’s choices. This means that players will need to carefully choose which quests they want to pursue and make strategic decisions to ensure they can complete as many quests as possible.

4. How do side quests in Rattay affect the main story of Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Many of the side quests in Rattay are directly tied to the main story of Kingdom Come Deliverance. Completing these quests can provide players with valuable information or resources that they will need to progress through the game. Additionally, some side quests may have an impact on the main storyline, such as by opening up new dialogue options or leading to alternate endings. Players who focus solely on the main story may miss out on important side quests, so it is recommended that they take the time to explore all that Rattay has to offer.

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