Talmberg | Side quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

In Talmberg, there are several side quests that can be unlocked. The first time you visit the castle and village is during the Run! main quest. It is recommended that you start completing the available side quests after finishing either Homecoming or The Prey main quests, in which you get your own horse.

  • The House of God
  • Hare Hunt
  • Cherchez la Femme

The House of God

To unlock this quest, speak with Sir Divish in Talmberg castle.

To start this quest, speak with Sir Divish, who stays in Talmberg castle. He can tell you about an accident that occurred in Sasau Monastery and ask for your help in investigating it.

Visit the Sasau Monastery and speak with Brother Porter, who will direct you to the Overseer. You will also need to meet Master Karel, who can be found at the construction site where the accident occurred. Ask him about everything and follow up on all leads that arise.

Examine the place of the accident

Visit the location where the accident occurred and examine the large boulder in two different places. Henry will pick up a fragment of it.

Take the piece of the boulder to the quarry near Talmberg and show it to Rupert. He will inform you that the boulder is not from Talmberg’s quarry. Return to the Sasau Monastery and share the news with Master Karel.

Find and examine the Devil’s skull

Find Leshek, who can be located by travelling south from the monastery. Speak with him about the demonic skull that he found. You will need to search for it yourself, as Leshek has already thrown it away. Head north and follow the river to find the Devil’s skull in the location shown in the picture.

Henry will need to verify the authenticity of the skull. Take it to the local knacker in Sasau, who will inform you that it is a fake.

Return to the construction site in the monastery. Leshek cannot be found in the area marked by the game, so speak with Zmola instead. Tell him about the fake skull and ask about Leshek’s whereabouts.

Zmola will ask you to meet with him and Leshek under the scaffolding after dusk. Wait until approximately 9:00pm and reach the scaffolding shown in the picture. A short cut-scene will play, showing a man who throws a brick at Henry. Climb up the scaffolding and defeat the worker at the top (either with your fists or a melee weapon). Speak with the man afterwards to learn that he was sent by Zmola, who wanted to kill Leshek. You can choose to spare or kill the worker.

Capturing Zmola

Quickly catch Zmola by jumping from one level of scaffolding to another instead of using the ladder. But be careful as Henry’s stamina can get depleted, causing damage from the jumps. Once you catch Zmola, head towards the farm next to the monastery, which is your destination.

The situation can play out in three ways:

  1. You can catch Zmola in the building if you are fast enough.
  2. The building may be empty if you arrive too late. Search the area south of the place to find Zmola, who may be carrying Leshek, as shown in the picture above.
  3. If you take too long to reach the place, Zmola might escape. This won’t fail the quest, but you won’t be able to punish Zmola.

Henry interrogates Zmola about Leshek, but it’s a trap as Leshek is dead. Zmola will attack Henry shortly after that. Zmola is a skilled fighter, so rely on perfect blocks and dodges. The best way to win is to attack him right away without giving him a chance to surprise Henry. After defeating him, search Zmola’s body for items, such as Page’s sword.

Note – The quest to catch Zmola is full of bugs. You may encounter a problem where you can’t find Zmola even if you reach the building quickly. Look around the area south of the yellow mark. You can always reload your save from the scaffolding part and try again.

Completing the Quest

Meet with Master Karel and report that Zmola was the killer or head straight to Talmberg and report to Sir Divish. You’ll receive a reward of 2425 Groschen!

Hare Hunt

How to Unlock: Speak to Hunter Nicholas in Talmberg.

Speak to the master hunter Nicholas at his hut on a hill in Talmberg to pick up this quest. Your task is to stop poachers who are killing wild animals from the surrounding forests. This quest has many plot branches and is connected with other side quests. The possible variants are described below.

Note – Due to game bugs, the dialogue option to start the quest may not be available during the first conversation with Nicholas. If this happens, try loading an earlier game state (preferably before playing the main quest The Die is Cast) or updating the game to version 1.3 or higher.

Variant 1 – Talmberg Investigation

To complete this variant, talk to other villagers and gather information about the poachers. This will provide you with many new clues. You can finish the investigation without visiting the Inn in the Glade from variant 2.

There are several suspects to be questioned in the investigation. Jake Piper can be found in a quarry and using persuasion or intimidation can reveal new information about Thomas of the baths. Thomas can be questioned after interrogating Jake and can provide valuable information if persuaded, intimidated, or bribed. The Blacksmith’s Wife can be asked about noise in the forest and her relationship with Hanekin Hare can be revealed with persuasion or impression. Olena has no useful information. The northern meadow can be investigated for traces left by poachers. Radan the charcoal-burner can be interrogated for the location of the poachers’ camp with persuasion or impression. Margaret has extensive knowledge of Hanekin Hare and can be accused of concealing the truth with enough information and persuasion.

If the investigation is successful, two important alternatives are presented: reporting to Nicholaus and meeting with Sir Robard. The poachers’ location must be determined to do so. A cutscene with Hanekin Hare and other poachers will play and he will attempt to escape. Catching him is necessary to complete the quest and obtain the Hare’s Ring. An alternative way to learn the poachers’ location is by completing two assignments for the Black Lukesh in the side quest Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing from Inn in the Glade.

The second option is to meet Hanekin Hare which can only be done if you have convinced Margaret to arrange a meeting. Once you arrive at the designated location, you will have two options:

  1. Choose to arrest Hanekin Hare – This will trigger a duel which you must win by killing him. Once you have won, report back to Nicholaus to complete the quest.
  2. Promise to help Hanekin Hare – This will cancel the current task and start a new side quest for Cherchez la Femme. Choose this option to win the Master Huntsman trophy.

Option 2 – Visit the Inn in the Glade

If you would like to pursue this option, skip the investigative activities in Talmberg and head straight to the Inn in the Glade after receiving the task from Nicholaus. Speak to the innkeeper, Andrew, and ask him about poaching meat. Convince him by lying and using persuasion (10 points) or impression (5 points).

If successful, Andrew will give you a side quest called Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing. Henry must prove his usefulness in order to join a group of poachers. You can now complete this new quest by following the description and walkthrough on the side quests page of the Inn in the Glade.

Cherchez la Femme

To unlock this important side quest and achieve the Master Huntsman achievement, you have two options:

  1. Complete the Hare Hunt quest by convincing Margaret to arrange a meeting with Hanekin Hare.
  2. Complete all orders from poachers in the Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing quest (description and walkthrough on the side quests page of the Inn in the Glade) and help them kill Talmberg’s guards before meeting Hanekin Hare.

In both cases, you will eventually meet Hanekin Hare at a collapsed mine east of Talmberg and offer your help without attacking or arresting him.

Hare’s plan involves kidnapping Margaret, the wife of the Hunter in Talmberg. Wait at the Hunter’s hut until morning (when Nicholas goes into the forest after hearing a Hunter’s horn). At least one guard is guarding Nicholas Angel’s farm. You can either sneak up on the guard and stun/kill him or defeat him in direct combat.

As for Margaret, you can either stun her and remove her from the holding or persuade/intimidate her to leave voluntarily (10 and 13 points respectively). It is recommended to buy a bard mixture beforehand to temporarily increase speech if needed.

Once you have returned with Margaret to Hanekin Hare’s hideout, you will hear the next part of the plan. Your objective is to make Nicholas sign his testimony using a statement provided by Hare. You can persuade him using 7 points, threaten him with 16 points, or beat him up (but not to death).

Meet Hanekin Hare at a new location where Henry will accompany him to Talmberg Castle for an audience with Sir Divish to clear Hanekin’s name.

If you have followed all the steps correctly, Henry will be chosen as the new Talmberg huntsman. Accept the job offer (shown in the screenshot) to earn the Master Huntsman achievement. Additionally, Henry will receive ownership of Nicholas’ house, and all chests inside will be unlocked, revealing valuable items such as high-quality bows and arrows.


1. What are the side quests available in Talmberg in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

In Talmberg, there are several side quests available for players to complete. These include “The Horse That Bolted,” where players must find a missing horse and return it to its owner. There is also “Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing,” where players must investigate a series of sheep killings and find the culprit responsible. “A Rock and a Hard Place” involves helping a prisoner escape from Talmberg Castle, while “The Sport of Kings” tasks players with winning a horse race.

2. How do I start a side quest in Talmberg?

To start a side quest in Talmberg, players must speak to the NPC (non-playable character) who is offering the quest. These NPCs can usually be found in and around Talmberg, and will have a quest marker above their head indicating that they have a quest available. Once players speak to the NPC, they will receive instructions on how to complete the quest and can begin working on it immediately.

3. Are there any rewards for completing side quests in Talmberg?

Yes, completing side quests in Talmberg (and throughout the game) can yield a variety of rewards. These can include experience points to help level up Henry’s skills, new items like weapons or armor, and even reputation gains with different factions in the game. Some quests may also have unique rewards, like unlocking new areas or quests upon completion.

4. Do side quests in Talmberg affect the main story?

While some side quests in Talmberg may have an impact on the game’s overall story, most are standalone adventures that do not directly affect the main plot. However, completing side quests can provide players with valuable experience and rewards that can make the main story easier to complete. Additionally, some side quests may contain clues or information that can be useful in other areas of the game, so it’s always a good idea to explore Talmberg and complete as many quests as possible.

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