Ledetchko | Side quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

This page provides a guide for completing the side-quests Restless Spirit and Lost In Translation in Ledetchko.

The side-quests are available in Ledetchko and the surrounding areas. Ledetchko is located in the center of the map and can be reached either independently or during the main story line.

  • Restless Spirit
  • Lost in Translation
  • …Is a Friend Indeed
  • A Costly Brawl
  • Tricks of the Trade

Restless Spirit

How to unlock: Speak with the herbalist in her hut north from Ledetchko.

The quest starts with a visit to the herbalist’s hut located on the outskirt of the forest north from Ledetchko. She informs you that Drahomira from Ledetchko needs help with a ghost haunting her. The herbalist wants you to perform an exorcism.

The First Meeting with Drahomira

Start by collecting 10 Poppy before meeting Drahomira for the first time. You don’t have to buy these flowers from the herbalist, they can be found around Ledetchko. After collecting the flowers, meet with Drahomira in the village and offer to perform the exorcism.

  1. Find the Poppy flowers (pictured above) near the south end of Ledetchko.
  2. Meet with Drahomira in the village and offer to perform the exorcism.

Collect Flowers and Perform the First Ritual

Collect the Cemetery flowers from the grave of a restless soul at the cemetery near the church in Sasau. Return to Drahomira’s house and perform the smudging ritual by burning the collected flowers.

  1. Find the Cemetery flowers on a grave (pictured above) at the cemetery near the church in Sasau.
  2. Return to Drahomira’s house and perform the smudging ritual by burning the collected flowers.

Find Necronomicon

Meet with Drahomira the next day to learn that the exorcism was a failure. She suggests visiting the apothecary in Rattay for help with the ghost problem.

To continue the quest, you need to locate a book called Necronomicon. The apothecary suggests looking for it in the Sasau Monastery, which is a large location in the north part of Sasau. However, you won’t be able to obtain the book from the monks. Instead, you’ll need to steal it. To do so, arrive at the monastery at night and make sure you’re not carrying any equipment that makes noise. Enter the monastery from the south by crossing the drawbridge, then climb the stairs on the left to reach the upper balconies. Follow the path shown in the picture until you reach a door that can be opened without lockpicks. From there, keep going through the adjacent rooms until you reach a room with four big chairs. Inside a chest, you’ll find the Key to Forbidden Books. Take the key and head east, going through a few empty rooms until you reach a huge library. Use the key to open the cupboard and take out Necronomicon I. Return to the apothecary in Rattay to give him the book and receive your reward of 20 Groschen. Wait a few hours for the apothecary to read the book before speaking to him again to discuss your next steps. To continue the quest, you’ll need to speak with Drahomira again to learn what plagues the restless spirit. Head to Alois’ burned down house to examine it and pick up the Burnt Wood from Alois’ farm.

To complete the first task, you need to find Lada’s grave, which is located on a hill in Ledetchko. Ask the locals for directions and approach the grave to update the quest. Afterward, return to the apothecary in Rattay and go back to Ledetchko. Wait until nightfall and head to Lada’s grave with the man who will perform an exorcism.

To continue the quest, speak with Drahomira at dusk after the previous night’s exorcism failed. She will give you 150 Groschen and ask you to meet with Father Godwin in Uzhitz. After speaking with the priest, return to Drahomira. You can either convince her to tell the truth or use persuasion/intimidation to get information.

To start the Lost in Translation quest, speak with the Miller in his household west of Ledetchko. He will inform you about an imprisoned Cuman, and you will need a translator to communicate with him. Head to the household north of the starting location and pay the vagabond 40 Groschen (or less if you haggle) for his help.

You can accompany the vagabond to the captive’s location or wait for him to arrive. Talk with the Miller and decide how to interrogate the Cuman. Once the interrogation is over, you will have two options. The first option is to trust the vagabond and take the Cuman to the supposed location of the treasure, but he will lead you to a Cuman camp. The second option is to question the vagabond about his translation and potentially accuse him of lying using Speech.

  1. By following the captive’s plan, you can easily find the stash hidden in a trunk on a hill north-west from Rattay. It contains antidote and 200 Groschen. You can then decide the fate of the Cuman, either by killing him, releasing him, or taking him to prison in Rattay. You can also choose how to deal with the Miller, either by giving him half the stash, lying to him about not finding it, or ignoring him and keeping the money for yourself.

The Last Decision

Once you have the stash, you must decide what to do with the Cuman and how to handle the Miller. Killing the Cuman, releasing him, or taking him to prison are all options. If you choose to talk to the mayor, you may receive a reward. You can either give half the stash to the Miller, lie to him about not finding it, or ignore him and keep the money for yourself. However, this last option may result in the Miller sending thugs after you for the money.

…Is a Friend Indeed

How to unlock: This quest will become available a few days after completing the A Friend in Need quest…

A few days after completing A Friend in Need, the …Is a Friend Indeed quest will appear in your logbook. To start the quest, Henry visits his friends on Oliver’s farm in Ledetchko. Matthew and Fritz will offer different solutions to the problem of Miller Thomas. Additionally, the A Costly Brawl side quest may become available. Be careful not to provoke Fritz, as he may start a fight and interrupt your progress.

There are multiple ways to complete this quest:

  1. Fritz’s approach – provoke Thomas to start a fight by choosing the first dialogue option and convincing Fritz and Matthew to join you. Wait until 6:00 pm, follow Fritz to the fight location near Ledetchko, defeat Thomas, and stun the other two villagers. You will earn 45 groschen.
  2. Matthew’s approach – talk to Thomas and persuade him to end the conflict by selecting the second dialogue option. Return to Matthew and receive 45 groschen.
  3. Additional approach – inform Thomas about the Die game by selecting the first and second dialogue options, which is only available after completing The Good Thief side quest. Then, inform Fritz and wait until 6:00 pm to watch a cutscene of Thomas being beaten. You will earn 45 groschen.

After completing this quest, consider undertaking A Costly Brawl.

During the quest, if you choose Fritz’s approach, you may encounter obstacles that block Matthew and Fritz. Wait until they catch up or continue your journey and wait for them to “respawn” nearby.

A Costly Brawl

How to unlock: Talk to Fritz during …Is a Friend Indeed.

This quest may become available during …Is a Friend Indeed. Fritz will inform you about the quarrels in the monastery and the need to pay for treatment costs. Speak to Brother Elijah in Sasau Monastery and persuade him to resolve the conflict through one of three methods: pay 100 groschen, persuade him (4 points), or intimidate him (6 points). Return to Fritz with the good news.

After completing …Is a Friend Indeed and A Costly Brawl, wait a few days and ask the Ledetchko innkeeper about Matthew and Fritz to learn about the next quest, Masquerade.

Tricks of the Trade

How to unlock: Talk to the blacksmith in Ledetchko.

Speak to the Ledetchko blacksmith, who wants information about his competitor in Sasau. Visit the Sasau blacksmith and choose how to respond to his inquiry.

To begin, speak with the blacksmith’s wife about her husband’s rhyming and supposed “magical abilities”. Next, listen to the blacksmith’s rhymes and position yourself accordingly, as shown in the screenshot. Engage in conversation with a blacksmith from Sasau and ask about their skills. Then, use persuasion to convince the blacksmith to reveal their weapon forging techniques, but avoid mentioning rumors of magic. Once finished, return to the blacksmith in Ledetchko and share what you have learned or try reciting one of the rhymes. The payment for your efforts will vary depending on your success.


1. What are the side quests in Ledetchko?

The side quests in Ledetchko are a series of optional missions that players can complete while exploring the town. These quests include tasks such as helping a local farmer with his crops, investigating a series of thefts in the area, and assisting a merchant with a broken wagon. Completing these quests can earn the player valuable rewards, such as new items, experience points, and reputation with the town’s inhabitants.

2. How do I start a side quest in Ledetchko?

To start a side quest in Ledetchko, players should look for characters with exclamation marks above their heads. These characters will offer the player a quest to complete. Players can also speak to other NPCs in the town to learn about additional quests or opportunities to help out in the area.

3. Are the side quests in Ledetchko worth doing?

Yes, completing the side quests in Ledetchko is definitely worth it. Not only do the quests offer a fun and challenging diversion from the main storyline, but they also provide valuable rewards and opportunities to gain experience and reputation. Additionally, completing side quests can help players build relationships with specific characters and unlock new dialogue options and storylines.

4. Can I complete the side quests in Ledetchko at any time?

Yes, players can complete the side quests in Ledetchko at any time during the game. However, some quests may only be available during certain parts of the story or after completing specific prerequisites. Additionally, some quests may become unavailable if the player progresses too far in the main storyline without completing them.

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