Activities at the Inn in the Glade in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Activities are small side quests that players can find in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. These quests are marked with exclamation marks on the map. The Inn in the Glade is a small location in the center of the map, and the picture above shows where it is located. Players can reach the Inn by starting in Neuhof and heading north-west or by starting in Ledetchko and heading north-east.

  • A Woman Scorned
  • Delicacies

A Woman Scorned

How to unlock: Speak with the old prostitute near the Inn.

During the day, players can find the Old Whore near the cart in the Inn in the Glade. Players can complete several small quests for her, during which they have to steal various items.

The first task is to get 20 Groschen back from one of her customers. Players can find the man and wait until he goes to sleep or leaves the Inn to get the Purse with coin. Players can acquire the Purse by using Pickpocketing or by getting behind his back and suffocating him and searching his inventory.

The second task is to steal a shawl. Players should reach the marked house located east from the Inn. The Old whore’s shawl is in the villager’s inventory, but players should watch out for her husband because he can raise the alarm. Players can wait until night and pickpocket the villager or quickly stun both NPCs and search her inventory while she is unconscious. After getting the shawl, players should give it to the quest giver.

Another two quests are completed in the same location – on one of the Neuhof farms where the whore’s ex-husband lives with another woman. Players should steal the Old whore’s dagger from the man and the Trunk key from his new wife. Players should steal both items at the same time, either by stunning the characters or stealing from them while they are sleeping.

Players should deliver both items and wait for about one day. After that, they should return to the ex-husband’s farm and see signs that suggest burglary and numerous blood drops. Players can use this opportunity and steal everything from the house without raising the alarm. To officially finish the quest, players should meet with innkeeper Andrew, who is staying at Inn in the Glade. He will confirm that the prostitute killed her former husband.


How to unlock: Speak with Andrew the innkeeper.

Andrew the innkeeper can give players a quest during which they have to bring him meat from wild animals, such as rabbits. Players should hunt the animals, approach their corpses, and search them. Each meat delivered to the innkeeper gives players a little bit of Groschen.

Note – Hunting wild animals is considered poaching. Players should avoid hunting near villages, main roads, and other areas where they may be seen.


1. What are the Inn in the Glade activities in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

The Inn in the Glade is a location in Kingdom Come Deliverance where players can participate in various activities. These activities include archery, axe throwing, and dice games. There are also several NPCs to interact with, such as the innkeeper and a bard who performs songs. Players can also rent a room at the inn to rest and save their progress.

2. How do I participate in archery at the Inn in the Glade?

To participate in archery at the Inn in the Glade, players must speak to the archery master and pay a fee. The archery range is located behind the inn and players can shoot at various targets to improve their skill. The archery master will also offer tips and advice to help players improve their accuracy.

3. What is the axe throwing activity at the Inn in the Glade?

The axe throwing activity at the Inn in the Glade involves throwing axes at a wooden target. Players can participate by paying a fee and speaking to the axe throwing master. The activity is similar to archery in that players must aim carefully to hit the target. The axe throwing master will also offer guidance and tips to help players improve their technique.

4. Can players gamble at the Inn in the Glade?

Yes, players can gamble at the Inn in the Glade by playing dice games with NPCs. These games include Farkle and Hazard, both of which involve rolling dice and trying to score points. Players can bet money on each game and potentially win big if they are successful. However, there is also a risk of losing money if luck is not on their side.

5. Is there anything else to do at the Inn in the Glade?

Aside from the activities mentioned above, players can also interact with NPCs and listen to the bard’s songs. The innkeeper can provide information about quests and other locations in the game. Additionally, players can rent a room at the inn to rest and save their progress. The Inn in the Glade is a great place to take a break from the main quest and enjoy some leisurely activities.

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