New World: Life Staff – abilities of the weapon

This guide page for New World covers all the skills of the Life Staff and explains how to increase the effectiveness of this weapon.

The Life Staff in New World allows you to become a healer, a character who focuses on healing. You can heal both other players and yourself, making the Life Staff an excellent secondary weapon. This guide page describes all the abilities of the Life Staff.

  • Related attributes
  • Healing – active skills
  • Healing – passive skills
  • Protector – active skills
  • Protector – passive skills

Related attributes

Expanding the Focus attribute enhances the efficiency of the Life Staff.

Healing – active skills

Divine Embrace – restores the target’s health as 150% of weapon damage.

  1. Privilege – Divine Embrace requires 20 mana.
  2. Shared Struggle – if the target has less than 50% health, the ability restores the same amount of health to another ally within 8m.
  3. Rebound – if the second target has less than 50% health, the ability heals another ally within 8m.

Sacred Ground – creates an area on the ground that lasts for 15 seconds and restores health by 20% of weapon damage every second.

  1. Holy Ground – mana and stamina regenerate faster by 100% on holy ground.
  2. Blessed – allies located on the holy land regain 50% more health from all sources.

Splash Of Light – restores 50% of weapon damage to you and all group members within 100 meters.

  1. Shared Recovery – when you heal a target with less than 50% health, you gain 3% of the max. mana level.
  2. Purify – Splash of Light removes 1 negative effect.

Healing – passive skills

Absolved – light and heavy attacks with the Life Staff don’t use mana.

  1. Mending Touch – heavy Life Staff attack removes 1 negative effect when passing through an ally.
  2. Blissful Touch – Light Attack restores health of the allies it passes through, based on 20% of their weapon damage.

Desperate Speed – after healing an ally with less than 50% health, the Life Staff skill’s recovery time will be reduced by 10% (can be used once every 5 seconds).

Revitalize – accurate light attack shortens all cooldown times by 5%.

Enchanted Justice – creates a Healing Aura around you when you get hit at 50% or less health; the aura heals you and your allies within 4 meters for 10% Weapon Damage per second for 6 seconds.

Sacred Protection – holding the Life Staff heals all allies in your group by 5% more.

Intensify – heavy attacks increase the amount of health restored by 10% for 10 seconds.

Divine Blessing – by healing an ally with less than 50% health, you restore 30% more health to them.

Protector – active skills

Orb Of Protection – shoot a glowing projectile that provides 10% Fortify for 20 seconds, restores health to an ally of 10% weapon damage, and deals 146% of weapon damage to an enemy after an accurate hit (Fortify reduces the damage you take).

The Life Staff has multiple skills and passive abilities that can be used to heal allies and protect oneself. The Protector’s Blessing skill allows regeneration to be granted to an ally when the Orb of Protection is used on them. Shared Protection gives the user Fortify and regeneration when using the Orb to heal an ally. Aegis can cover all allies within a 3-meter radius when a projectile hits the target. Light’s Embrace restores the target’s health at 100% weapon damage and can give them 25 stamina points with Inspire or increase the maximum mana level with Connection. Magnify can extend the bonus duration of the Life Staff’s light treatment. Beacon shoots a glowing projectile that deals damage to enemies and heals allies within its area of effect. Infused Light increases the Beacon’s area of effect, Radiance’s Blessing makes the Beacon last longer, and Speed Of Light provides Haste to the target when healed by the Beacon. The passive skills of Protector include Bend Light, which restores more health when dodging, Defensive Light, which increases the maximum mana level after blocking an attack, Protector’s Touch, which provides Fortify for a short time after hitting an enemy, Protector’s Strength, which restores more health when a bonus affects the user, Balance, which gives Haste when health is low, Spirits United, which increases mana regeneration for the user and group members, and Glowing Focus, which prolongs the duration of bonuses.


What is the New World Life Staff?

The New World Life Staff is a weapon in the online game New World that can be used for both combat and healing. It is a versatile weapon that allows players to switch between offensive and defensive modes depending on the situation. The Life Staff has a variety of abilities that can be used to heal allies, provide buffs, and deal damage to enemies. It is often used by support characters who focus on keeping their allies alive and buffed during battles. The Life Staff is a great choice for players who enjoy playing support roles and want to help their team survive and succeed in combat.

What are the abilities of the New World Life Staff?

The New World Life Staff has a variety of abilities that can be used to heal allies, provide buffs, and deal damage to enemies. Some of the most popular abilities include Beacon, which creates a healing circle that restores health to nearby allies, and Sacred Ground, which creates a zone of healing that lasts for several seconds. Another popular ability is Orb of Protection, which creates a protective barrier around the player that reduces incoming damage. Other abilities include Splash of Light, which heals allies in a cone-shaped area, and Lights Embrace, which heals a single ally for a large amount of health. The Life Staff also has several abilities that can be used for offensive purposes, such as Smite, which deals damage to enemies, and Chain Heal, which damages enemies while also healing nearby allies.

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