An Oath is an Oath | Main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

The final quest of the main plot in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is called An Oath is an Oath. Its objective is to take part in the siege on Talmberg and regain full control over it, which involves participating in many new battles.

Completing this quest unlocks an extra Epilogue. Details on the Epilogue can be found in a separate section of this guide.

  • Battle Preparations
  • Final Battle

Battle Preparations

If Henry sustained any damage from previous battles, it is recommended to heal him. Unfinished side quests can be dealt with after completing the main plot. After completing the preparations, talk to Sir Divish (dialog options are not important). Reach the hill where the trebuchet is located and wait for it to be loaded. Then, pull the lever as shown in the screenshot above.

Talk to Sir Robard and receive 450 groschen. Wait for 2-3 days to finish the bombardment, using the option to accelerate time and skipping it by one day each time. The Siege quest will also be passed automatically. Return to Sir Robard and express readiness to participate in the siege. Asking the commander about the battle plan is optional.

Final Battle

Join allies and head towards the castle walls where ladders will be laid out. Choose whether to actively participate in the battles or avoid fighting. If participating, attack opponents focused on fighting allies and eliminate archers first. If not, let other soldiers use the ladders. The hero is accompanied by Captain Bernard who cannot die.

After climbing the walls, battles will begin. Attack opponents focused on fighting allies and eliminate archers first. Participation in fighting is optional, but allies may lose their superiority in numbers over time. The quest cannot be failed by bringing all of the allies to death. In the castle courtyard, do not allow yourself to be surrounded by enemies and let them fight with Captain Bernard if few allies are left alive.

Once you win the battle, a new cutscene will begin. Follow Sir Hans to Skalitz, but be careful as his horse may get stuck on obstacles. If this happens, either move ahead or wait until it gets back on track. You’ll encounter Sir Radzig before reaching Skalitz, and meeting him will conclude this quest. It’s important not to exit the game as soon as the credits roll – after watching them (or skipping them), you’ll be taken back to Rattay and the Epilogue will start.


1. What are the main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

The main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance are the primary storyline missions that progress the game’s plot. These quests follow the journey of Henry, the son of a blacksmith, as he becomes embroiled in a civil war and uncovers a conspiracy against the king. Some of the main quests include “Unexpected Visit,” “Homecoming,” and “The Die is Cast.”

2. What is the significance of taking an oath in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Taking an oath in Kingdom Come Deliverance is a major part of the game’s story and gameplay. In the game, Henry can join different factions and pledge his loyalty to them by taking an oath. This oath binds Henry to the faction and its goals, and also grants him access to new quests, equipment, and allies. However, breaking an oath can have serious consequences, such as being kicked out of the faction or losing the trust of NPCs. Therefore, players must carefully consider their decisions when taking an oath in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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