Inn in the Glade | Side quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Here is a list of side quests that can be unlocked near Inn in the Glade, a small location in the middle of the world map. The screenshot above shows its location. You can reach the Inn by starting in Neuhof and travelling north-west, or starting in Ledetchko and heading north-east.

  • Sheep in Wolfs Clothing
  • Masquerade
  • Besmirched
  • A Rock and a Hard Place
  • Gallows Brothers

Sheep in Wolfs Clothing

How to unlock: Talk to innkeeper Andrew.

This quest can be unlocked during the investigation of poachers as part of the Hare Hunt quest (starting in Talmberg), or by simply asking Andrew for a job. The goal of this quest is to gain the trust of a band of poachers and set up a meeting with their “leader,” Hanekin Hare.

During the meeting with Andrew that begins this quest, you may need to gain his trust with a lie, then use persuasion (10 points) or impression (5 points).

Tankard for Andrew

Upon Andrew’s request, retrieve a tankard that Jacob the farmhand has in his possession. You will find Jacob in the Neuhof stables. There are three ways to obtain the tankard:

  1. Steal the mug – It’s best to stun Jacob after he goes to a secluded place.
  2. Win it in a shooting tournament – You have to bet 15 groschen to begin. After starting the competition, aim at the right-hand target and try to hit the center of it. Jacob is unfortunately a perfect sharpshooter, so you will probably need to score more than 20 points to beat him.
  3. Enforce the delivery of a mug – You must pass an attempt to intimidate Jacob (he has 13 points in this category).

Return with the tankard to Andrew. He will give you a lead on the poacher Black Lukesh.

Orders of the Black Lukesh

Black Lukesh has a hut north of the castle in Talmberg. Again, you must gain his trust. He will give you two orders. The first concerns the acquisition of the Antlers. You can:

  1. Go hunting and, after killing a deer, get its antlers. This is only possible if you have unlocked the Antlers perk.
  2. Visit the apothecary in Rattay and find the antlers in his offer (shown in the image above). It should cost about 20 groschen.

The second order from Lukesh is to steal a hunting horn owned by the hunting master Nicholas Angel. If you’re also doing the Hare Hunt quest, you can talk to Nicholas and ask to borrow the horn for a short time. He will give you tips on how to get it.

Go into the hut (or sneak into it at night). The key to Nicholas’ trunk is hidden in a vase in the kitchen (left from the hearth). The chest itself is on the first floor, as shown in the screenshot. Take Nicholas’ hunting horn and bring it to Lukesh.

Meeting with Hanekin Hare

Once you have delivered both objects to Lukesh, you will receive a lead to the poacher camp located in the forest south of Talmberg. You can either go straight to the camp or meet with the commanding officer Robard in Talmberg as part of the Hare Hunt quest and reveal the location of the camp.

When the poachers arrive at the camp, a cutscene will be shown. You can either take the side of Hanekin Hare, which is only possible if you have not yet betrayed the trust of poachers. In this case, you will need to kill all the guards who appeared in the forest and save Hanekin Hare from death. After the victorious battle, you will need to set out after Hanekin Hare to the mine. The next side quest will activate – Cherchez la Femme. Its description can be found on the page with side quests from Talmberg. Completion of this quest is required to unlock the Master Huntsman trophy.

Alternatively, you can take the side of Talmberg’s guards, in which case Hanekin Hare will throw himself into an escape. You will need to locate him immediately and start chasing him. If you catch him, you can attack and kill him. After he dies, search his corpse and take Hare’s Ring. Give a report to Nicholas Angel and you will pass the Hare Hunt side quest.


How to unlock: Talk with Matthew or Fritz near the Inn in the Glade.

To unlock this quest, you will need to talk to Matthew or Fritz near the Inn in the Glade. This quest is yet another adventure with Fritz and Matthew, who are Henry’s former acquaintances from Skalitz. You can only unlock it after you have completed the side quest in Ledetchko called “Is a Friend Indeed” and wait a few days. Fritz and Matthew will be expelled from Ledetchko and decide to stay at Inn in the Glade.

Talk to any of the companions and you will receive 175 groschen without a question. Then talk about the new job and ask Fritz about his relationship with the Innkeeper Andrew. Henry’s task is to get along with Andrew. During a meeting with him, immediately agree to a more private and secluded place. Finish the conversation and follow Andrew to the cellar of the inn. You have to convince Andrew that you are fit for this task. It is best to use intimidation (he’s got only 1 point in this category) or give him a bribe (100 groschen or less if you bargain). Discuss with Andrew the plan about getting the Cumans’ costumes.

Obtaining three sets of Cuman clothes and helmets

This is a difficult goal of the mission as it implicitly forces an attack on one of the Cuman camps marked on the world map. For example, you can choose a camp located in the forest within a short distance north-west of the Inn in the Glade. On your way to this camp, you will probably encounter two Cumans from a smaller campsite (check the screenshot). Another pack of four opponents should be in the main camp. If you don’t want to fight with all four, show yourself and start to run away. After leaving the camp, attack only those Cumans who continue their pursuit of Henry. In the case of a large camping site, also watch out for the archers.

If you prefer to play the game in stealth mode, wait for nightfall and sneak into the Cuman camps to eliminate them quietly with the Stealth Kill perk. Be cautious of any individual enemies on guard. After defeating any Cuman soldiers, search their inventory and collect the Cuman Shishak and Cuman Hauberk. Alternatively, if you have completed the main quest Baptism of Fire, you can find the armor pieces in chests at the abandoned Cuman camp near Pribyslawitz. However, not every piece will be considered suitable by the game. Return all three sets to Andrew to progress to the next part of the quest. To improve the Cuman outfit, give Milomir 5 groschen and speak to Bran, Olena, and Vashek for their methods. Note that if you started this quest too late, Olena may have already died, making it impossible to complete. Obtain Raven Feathers from any herbalist, Wolf Fangs from Hunter Nicholas in Talmberg, and a Dog Skin from a farm with dogs at night.

Return all the ingredients to Andrew to complete the quest. This will trigger a cutscene where the modified Cuman outfit will be presented, and you will receive a Cuman Disguise and a Cuman Mask.

However, this is not the end of your quests with Andrew, Fritz, and Matthew. Talk to Andrew to start a new side quest called Besmirched.


To unlock this quest, talk to the innkeeper Andrew after completing the Masquerade side quest.

After completing Masquerade, talk to Andrew again to start this quest, which involves tracking down a thief who stole valuable items from Skalitz.

Your first task is to find Adam’s refugee in Rattay and promise to help him regain his valuables. You can find him by asking the beggars or refugees, or you can go to the inn in the eastern part of the city (as shown in the screenshot).

One of the optional objectives is to speak with Andrew again and give him your report. You can use a special dialogue option to persuade him if you have at least 13 points. You will learn about Tonchek, the charcoal-burner.

Find the coal miners camp near Rovna and ask around for Tonchek. You can intimidate the miners if you have at least 8 points in that category. Tonchek has a shelter in the western part of the camp.

Look around the area near Tonchek’s hut to find the stolen items. During your conversation with Tonchek, you can ask for Adam’s cross and learn that it is in Andrew’s possession. You can also get a bag of Adam’s gold, but you must decide whether to steal or kill Tonchek to get it.

You can complete this quest in several ways:

  1. Return the gold to Adam and then to Andrew. Andrew will be unhappy if he doesn’t receive it.
  2. Return the gold only to Andrew.
  3. Recover Adam’s cross from Andrew. The cross is stored in the inn’s cellar, which is a very difficult lock, but you can steal the key from Andrew.

After completing this quest, talk to Fritz or Matthew to unlock the A Rock and a Hard Place side quest.

A Rock and a Hard Place

To unlock this quest, talk to Matthew and Fritz after finishing the Besmirched side quest.

To start the quest, players must first complete the side quest called Besmirched, which was commissioned by Andrew. After completing the quest, players must meet up with Matthew or Fritz at the Inn in the Glade to learn about their new plan to attack the Talmberg quarry and steal gold. It is important to ask them about the details and planned course of the attack. Players can use persuasion and intimidation during their conversation with Matthew, but this will not affect the main part of the quest. Alternatively, players can talk to Fritz about his ideas for better preparation for the attack.

It is important to note that players may encounter serious bugs that make it impossible to complete this quest if they have not updated the game to version 1.3. The most serious bug is that Matthew and Fritz may not travel to the quarry as planned, and players cannot force them to do so in any way.

Players should also be aware that Matthew and Fritz do not want to include Andrew in their plan. However, players can still talk with the innkeeper Andrew anyway. He wants to betray Matthew and Fritz and contribute to their capture. This is part of the new side quest of the Gallows Brothers, and its description is available further in the chapter. This quest is mutually exclusive with the one described, and players must choose whether they want to help their colleagues carry out the assault or betray them.

Preparations for the robbery are optional, but the only mandatory step is to determine when the gold will be delivered to the quarry. Players can meet with Sir Robard to ask about the number of guards escorting the gold, but they must make an attempt to impress him to get an answer. The best person to meet is the Stablemaster from the Talmberg castle, who can offer information about the planned day of gold delivery. Players can also ask for help in healing the horses, but they must poison them instead. Players can buy poison from the herbalist and give it to the Stablemaster, pretending that it is medicine. Players will receive 275 Groschen for their efforts.

To execute the robbery, players must meet with Fritz and Matthew on a nearby hill after setting the date of arrival for the gold transport or weakening the convoy through optional actions.

To obtain the gold, you need to wait for the convoy to reach the quarry at 12:00 pm, but it’s better to be ready a few hours earlier. The logbook will inform you of the exact date. You can use a mattress or accelerate the passage of time. Talk to Matthew to establish an action plan. You have two options, attack the camp or sneak to the camp. If you choose to attack the camp, you will have to kill at least a few guards, and it will worsen your reputation in Talmberg. On the other hand, sneaking to the camp is a better solution, but it will be much more difficult to steal the gold in daylight. This option is only available if you have developed sneaking ability. Regardless of the chosen variant, take an interest in the hut from the screenshot above. There is a chest with an easy lock, which contains gold for miners.

If you have a well-developed lockpicking ability, there is also an alternative method of obtaining gold. Ignore the activities involved in planning the assault upon arrival in Talmberg. Reach the castle courtyard, get upstairs, and start heading towards the guard watchtower marked in the screenshot above. After entering the watchtower, make sure that there are no guards in the area. Hack into the chest next to the ladder marked in the above images. It has a difficult lock, but if you manage to unlock it, you will immediately find the gold for miners.

Once you have stolen the gold, you can finish the quest by talking to Fritzk and Matthew. You can either hand over a portion of the gold to your friends or keep it all for yourself. If you have decided to share with your friends, Henry would have 1000 groschen left, and if you have not shared, Henry will be enriched by 3000 groschen.

To unlock the quest Gallows Brothers, talk with Andrew after starting the quest A Rock and a Hard Place. After you learn about the planned attack on the quarry from Matthew and Fritz, you can meet Andrew in Inn in the Glade and tell him about everything. The innkeeper will suggest betraying your colleagues and warning Talmberg of a planned attack. Selecting this variant will prevent you from completing the quest A Rock and a Hard Place, but you can get the Judas trophy after playing it correctly. Note that you must unlock this quest before you finish the preparations for the attack and before you participate in it.

Two Approaches to Complete the Task

Andrew’s task can be accomplished in two different ways. The first method is to visit Sir Robard in Talmberg castle and inform him about the planned robbery. Suggest him to hire better guards for gold protection and wait for a few days for the convoy to arrive. Let Matthew and Fritz attack the camp in the quarry without Henry’s participation, and they will be killed in the process.

After completing the task, return to Andrew to receive 525 groschen as a reward. From this point onwards, you can stay at Inn in the Glade for free.

Note – Avoid entering the camp grounds in the quarry while waiting for the convoy’s arrival, as it may trigger an alarm and cause the guards to attack you.

Tricking Andrew – The Second Method

The second method involves warning Matthew about the planned betrayal. He will suggest stealing a bag of gold and planting it in the area of the inn to put Andrew in trouble. Before the robbery takes place, obtain an Empty sack for miners. Stay in Talmberg castle and locate the chest shown above, which is inside one of the watchtowers near the ladder. Open it (it has a difficult lock) and take the gold.

With the obtained sack, travel to Inn in the Glade without encountering Andrew. Go to the inn’s cellar and interact with the barrels shown in the screenshot to place the bag of gold there.

Return to Talmberg and inform Sir Robard about the stolen gold. You will have two new options (shown in the screenshot) to choose from:

  1. Accuse Andrew of stealing the gold – He will be arrested and hanged.
  2. Accuse Andrew, Matthew, and Fritz of stealing the gold – All three will be captured. This method is ideal for obtaining the Judas trophy.

Go back to Inn in the Glade and locate the hangers. Depending on the option you selected, either Andrew alone or Matthew and Fritz along with Andrew will be hanged.

Important Note – Bringing Andrew to death will cancel all other side quests and activities associated with him. Therefore, it is advisable to finish them prior to completing this task.


What is Inn in the Glade?

Inn in the Glade is a side quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance, an action role-playing video game. The quest is given by Andrew, the innkeeper of the Inn in the Glade, located in the forest southeast of Talmberg. The player is tasked with discovering who is stealing from the inn’s guests and putting a stop to it.

How do I start the Inn in the Glade quest?

To start the Inn in the Glade quest, the player must speak to Andrew, the innkeeper of the Inn in the Glade. The inn is located in the forest southeast of Talmberg. Andrew will tell the player about the thefts that have been occurring and ask for their help in discovering the culprit. The player must then investigate and gather clues to ultimately solve the mystery and put a stop to the thefts.

What are the rewards for completing the Inn in the Glade quest?

Completing the Inn in the Glade quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance will reward the player with experience points and a sum of money. The amount of money rewarded will depend on how the player chooses to handle the situation and the outcome of the quest. Additionally, the player will have increased their reputation with Andrew and the inn, potentially leading to future quests or opportunities for trade and information.

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