Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 1, Reach the castle – walkthrough

The beginning of Chapter 1 (Under a New Sun) of A Plague Tale Requiem involves exploring the castle ruins. Our guide provides a walkthrough on how to play hide-and-seek with Lucas, leave the ruins, and avoid beekeepers.

This walkthrough focuses on Chapter I – Under a New Sun of A Plague Tale: Requiem. It explains how to scare Lucas, reach the castle ruins, find a way out, escape the Beekeeper, and avoid detection. The following are the goals to achieve:

  • Hide from Lucas the Perfidious
  • Scare Lucas the Perfidious
  • Defend King Hugo’s kingdom
  • Follow the river
  • Find a way out of the castle
  • Follow the bird

Hide from Lucas the Perfidious

Follow Hugo to the castle ruins.

Lucas wants to play hide and seek. You have 10 seconds to hide – we recommend running to the nearby ruins and vaulting over the small wall.

Sneak (Circle/B on consoles) and keep an eye on Lucas. If he gets too close, sneak somewhere else.

Scare Lucas the Perfidious

Sneak up on Lucas from behind and hold down the Interact button (Square/X on the controller).

Defend King Hugo’s kingdom

Walk with Hugo to the next part of the ruins and then to the river. Stand in front of a log and learn how to use the slingshot to hit floating objects. Hold down L2/LT and R2/RT each time to charge the slingshot for better accuracy and power.

Repeat the exercise when Tonin appears.

Follow the river

Walk along the river, climb twice, and walk under a fallen tree.

You’ll reach the locked castle gate. Amicia can squeeze through the interactive gap on the left. Continue until you fall to a lower floor.

Find a way out of the castle

Take the only available path and reach the place you jumped from. A hostile Beekeeper blocks your way and you must run away. Sprint (Hold R2/RT) to escape. Turn right immediately and jump over the obstacle. Run straight and squeeze between the crates when the Beekeeper is far behind.

This section is a stealth tutorial. Crouch in tall grass to avoid detection. Wait for enemies to spread out and sneak towards the hut. Always check the area around you before leaving tall grass. Enter the hut through the hole.

Once you leave the hut, you’ll have to distract an enemy for the first time. Hold down the inventory button (R1/RB on consoles), select stones, and throw one at the toolbox on the left. This is your chance to sneak past the enemy.

Move closer to the next enemy. To the left of the enemy, there is a small ledge that you can climb.

On the higher ledge, there is a small hole that you need to crawl through. Do not come out of hiding until the enemies leave.

You will trigger a tutorial on quickly distracting enemies – press the appropriate button (Triangle/Y on the controller) and the Beekeper will stop approaching you. The opponent will change the direction he is facing and now you can sneak past him.

Get close to some more enemies – here you will find some Pots. You can select them from your inventory and throw them.

They must shatter behind an enemy and be in their hearing range (the ring surrounding an enemy). If you throw a pot correctly, the guard will be distracted by the noise, allowing you to slip past.

You will reach a locked door. Command Hugo to squeeze through. Hold down the command button (L1/LB on the controller) and press the action button (Triangle/Y on the controller). Wait for Hugo to open the door for you, then open the gate.

Keep moving forward. You will encounter more enemies and trigger a few QTEs – quickly press the displayed buttons (such as Square in the example pictured above. The scene will suddenly end – this is scripted and always happens.

Follow the bird

You will now take control of Hugo. Keep approaching the bird as it lands – this shows you the correct way forward. Walk in-between the rocks and remove the branches. Once you reach the water and a large tree, just watch what happens next.


1. What is Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 1, Reach the castle?

Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 1, Reach the castle is the first chapter of the upcoming video game Plague Tale Requiem. In this chapter, players must guide the main character, Amicia de Rune, and her brother, Hugo, through a dangerous landscape filled with rats and other obstacles. The goal is to reach the castle where they hope to find safety from the plague that is decimating the world around them.

2. What are the main challenges in Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 1, Reach the castle?

The main challenges in Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 1, Reach the castle include navigating through a maze of streets and buildings while avoiding deadly rats. Players must also solve puzzles and use stealth to evade enemy soldiers who are on the lookout for the siblings. In addition, players must keep an eye on Hugo, who is sick and vulnerable to attack from both rats and soldiers.

3. What are some tips for playing Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 1, Reach the castle?

Some tips for playing Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 1, Reach the castle include using Amicia’s slingshot to distract guards and rats and to break locks and other obstacles. Players should also be on the lookout for crafting materials that can be used to create ammunition and other useful items. It’s important to keep Hugo close and safe, and to watch for signs of danger such as the sound of approaching rats or soldiers. Finally, players should take their time and explore the environment thoroughly to find hidden items and clues.

4. What is the overall storyline of Plague Tale Requiem?

The overall storyline of Plague Tale Requiem follows the adventures of Amicia de Rune and her brother Hugo as they try to survive in a world ravaged by the plague. Along the way, they must confront enemies both human and animal, and uncover the secrets behind the plague and their own family history. The game is set in a historical context, with accurate depictions of the architecture and culture of medieval France. The game promises to be a thrilling and immersive experience for players who enjoy action, puzzle-solving, and historical fiction.

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