Approaching and Investigating the Farm | Colorado

Prior to taking out your targets, it’s important to infiltrate the farm carefully. Take your time to gain knowledge about the location.

  • Approaching the farm
  • Investigating the farm

Approaching the farm

Using your default clothes will result in being spotted automatically

Upon starting this mission for the first time, you will find yourself in the southeast corner of the map (M7.1). In contrast to previous missions, there are no “safe” areas for Agent 47 to hide in. Therefore, until you acquire your first disguise, you will be seen and attacked.

If you desire, you can obtain your initial disguise before reaching the farm. Head north and keep an eye out for a soldier near the baler (M7.8). Take note of the patrol that moves around the farm (in a clockwise direction). Another way to obtain a soldier uniform is to proceed towards two adversaries in the southern part of the farm (M7.34) (you can sabotage the generator to lure one of them away).

Various locations exist where you can climb over the fence

There are numerous ways to infiltrate the farm, but the simplest is to enter through a small hut’s window near the starting point (M7.7). If you possess a lockpick, you will encounter several gates that can be unlocked (M7.5). Additionally, the fence lacks barbed wire in many areas, making it easy to use it to your advantage.

Until you acquire your disguise, attempt to stay away from the primary entrances, such as the southern (M7.2) and eastern (M7.6) ones. Each entrance is guarded by at least two sentries, and there is a camera that can spot you (you’ll need to delete the footage later).

Investigating the farm

Prior to exploring the farm, it’s wise to learn about specific area restrictions on the map. Most of the farm can be explored in any disguise (except for the scarecrow disguise). However, there are three exceptions:

The property is divided into three areas, with access restricted to certain types of personnel. Area 1 includes the main house and surrounding terrain, which can only be accessed by elite soldiers and hackers. Investigating a trailer in the east of the house is recommended, as it contains spare uniforms for Elite Soldiers. Area 2 consists of the shooting range and large barn, which can only be accessed by Spec Ops Militia and Point Man. It is best to target the Point Man, located in a small building in the west, by either shooting, electrocuting, poisoning, or waiting to assassinate him once he goes to the bathroom. Area 3 is reserved for explosives specialists, and the baler located at M7.15 is a good place to ambush them after turning on the radio. Destroying the monitoring room (M7.34) is recommended before targeting the main objectives, as it may contain footage of you. A soldier guards this room, but can be distracted with a vacuum cleaner or attacked in the back room. Two keys that may be useful are Rose’s Room Key (M7.14) and the garage key (M7.15).


1. What are some popular farms to visit in Colorado?

Some popular farms to visit in Colorado include Miller Farms, Anderson Farms, and Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care. Miller Farms offers a variety of produce, including potatoes, carrots, and onions, that visitors can pick themselves. Anderson Farms hosts a fall festival with activities like a corn maze, pumpkin patch, and hayrides. Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care specializes in herbal and botanical skincare products made from plants grown on their own farm.

2. Are there any opportunities for hands-on experiences at Colorado farms?

Yes, many Colorado farms offer hands-on experiences. For example, at Ya Ya Farm & Orchard, visitors can pick their own apples and pumpkins, as well as participate in farm-to-table dinners and cooking classes. At Mountain Flower Goat Dairy, visitors can milk goats, learn about the cheese-making process, and even adopt a goat. Miller Farms allows visitors to pick their own produce and offers educational tours of the farm.

3. What types of animals can be found on Colorado farms?

Colorado farms are home to a variety of animals, including cows, pigs, chickens, horses, and goats. For example, at Tender Belly Farm, visitors can see heritage breed pigs raised without antibiotics or hormones. At Blue Range Ranch, visitors can see a variety of animals, including Scottish Highland cattle, Icelandic sheep, and chickens. At Ya Ya Farm & Orchard, visitors can see chickens, goats, and even alpacas.

4. What is the best time of year to visit a Colorado farm?

The best time of year to visit a Colorado farm depends on what you’re interested in seeing or doing. Many farms offer fall festivals with activities like pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Spring and summer are good times to see crops growing and to participate in activities like picking your own produce. Some farms also offer winter activities like sleigh rides and Christmas tree cutting.

5. Are there any sustainable or organic farms in Colorado?

Yes, there are many sustainable and organic farms in Colorado. For example, Aspen Moon Farm uses sustainable farming practices and offers a CSA program for those interested in receiving weekly produce boxes. Cure Organic Farm is a certified organic farm that offers a variety of produce, as well as farm tours and educational programs. Monroe Organic Farms uses sustainable practices and offers a CSA program as well as farm-to-table dinners.

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