Exiting the Mission Area in Hokkaido

Taking the gondola is the most convenient way to leave the mission area.

The private hospital has various exfiltration points. Once you have finished all the objectives, choose the one that is closest to you or the one that is easiest to access based on your current disguise. The available locations are:

  • Gondola (M8,4) – this is the easiest way to exit the area as you can use it regardless of your outfit, including the patient’s outfit. However, if Yuki Yamazaki tried to use it to escape and you had to destroy it, it may be unavailable.
  • Snowmobile (M8,12) – although it is out of the way, there are two foremen nearby, and two guards patrol the eastern section of the map.
  • Footpath (M8,17) – this is an ideal exit point if you want to snipe your target, as there is an Agency pick-up point nearby. This exit is unguarded, but guards may visit it if the outpost is on high alert.
  • Helicopter (M8,14) – this is difficult to access if you are impersonating someone who is not authorized to leave the hospital, as there are guards nearby who may raise an alarm. However, it can be very useful, especially if Erich Soders is your second target.


What does it mean to leave the mission area in Hokkaido?

Leaving the mission area in Hokkaido refers to a set of rules and guidelines that govern the activities of foreign missionaries. The mission area is defined as the geographical region where a missionary is assigned to work and carry out their religious duties. When a missionary leaves the mission area, they must obtain permission from their superiors and follow specific procedures.

What are the consequences of leaving the mission area without permission?

Leaving the mission area without permission is considered a serious offense and can result in disciplinary action, including dismissal from the mission. It can also damage the reputation of the missionary and the organization they represent. Additionally, leaving the mission area without following proper procedures can lead to legal issues, especially if the missionary violates immigration or visa regulations.

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