Par’as Cavern’s Locked Door

How to trigger the quest: Upon returning the ring to the Miner (M8) in the What It’s Worth quest, you’ll receive a key.

Quest provider: The Miner (M8)

The locked door in Par’as Cavern

Once you’ve obtained the key, head over to the Par’as Cavern (M8,9) and unlock the door to complete this quest. You’ll also discover a chest containing precious stones within the cavern.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • Minimal experience
  • 40 Influence points


What is the Door in Par’as Cavern?

The Door in Par’as Cavern is a mysterious structure located deep within the caverns of Par’as, a remote and largely unexplored region of the world. The Door is said to be made of an unknown material, and is covered in intricate symbols and markings that have yet to be deciphered. Some believe that the Door is a portal to another dimension or world, while others think it may hold the key to unlocking secrets of the universe.

Who discovered the Door?

The Door in Par’as Cavern was first discovered by a group of explorers who were searching for a new route through the caverns. They stumbled upon the Door and were immediately intrigued by its strange appearance and the energy emanating from it. Despite their attempts to open the Door, they were unable to do so, and eventually had to leave it behind to continue their journey.

Has anyone been able to open the Door?

To date, no one has been able to successfully open the Door in Par’as Cavern. Many have tried, using a variety of methods and tools, but all attempts have been unsuccessful. Some believe that the Door can only be opened by someone with a specific set of skills or knowledge, while others think that it may require a specific type of energy or power to unlock.

What are the dangers of trying to open the Door?

There are many dangers associated with trying to open the Door in Par’as Cavern. The Door is said to be protected by powerful energy fields that can be extremely dangerous if not properly understood. Additionally, there are rumors of ancient curses and traps that have been placed around the Door to prevent anyone from opening it. Anyone attempting to open the Door should proceed with caution and be prepared for the unknown.

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