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When No One Else Dares

To unlock this achievement, complete The Showstopper mission in Paris by killing Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis.

Commentary: Regardless of the method you choose to eliminate the targets, you will receive this achievement.

The Showstopper

To unlock this achievement, murder Viktor Novikov by dropping a light platform on him.

Commentary: The platform is on floor 3 of the palace and can be sabotaged using a crowbar when Novikov appears on the catwalk. More details about this assassination method can be found in the walkthrough chapter.

Meeting the Reaper

To unlock this achievement, participate in Dalia Margolis’ secret auction as mister Reaper.

Commentary: You need an invitation to reach the auction room and sit in one of the chairs. Wait for Dalia Margolis to greet Agent 47 to obtain this achievement. More details about reaching the auction can be found in the walkthrough.

So Many Ways to Stop the Show

To unlock this achievement, use all available opportunities during the Showstopper mission.

Commentary: There are eight opportunities in Paris mission for eliminating targets in various ways, and it is impossible to complete them all during one playthrough. You must repeat the mission and focus on a single selected opportunity each time. Hints about eliminating main mission targets in various ways can be found in the walkthrough chapter. Opportunities available in Paris are:

  • 15 Seconds of Fame – Assume the identity of Helmut Kruger and meet with Dalia in private.
  • A Drink to Die For – Prepare a poisoned drink for Viktor Novikov.
  • A Private Meeting – Arrange a meeting in gardens between Novikov and Decker.
  • A Quick Break – Sabotage Dalia’s laptop that is responsible for the auction.
  • A Rare Scoop – Arrange an interview between the female blogger and Novikov.
  • Guest of Honor – Assume the sheikh identity and participate in the secret auction.
  • Lights Out – Drop the light platform on the catwalk.
  • Playing with Fire – Initiate the fireworks show.

Paris Escalated

To unlock this achievement, complete the fifth level in Escalation mode in Paris.

Comment: Escalation mode in Paris offers several complex challenges related to assassinations. Complete any of the escalations to unlock this achievement.

Well Prepared

To unlock this achievement, select a different starting location in Paris and use Agency delivery to smuggle an item into the palace.

Commentary: These options become available at higher mastery levels. Complete the Paris mission on “normal rules” at least once and check whether you can select the starting location and delivery option.

City of Light

To unlock this achievement, reach twenty mastery level in Paris.

Commentary on Mastery Levels in Hitman Game

In the Hitman game, Mastery Levels or ranks are achieved by accomplishing different missions that are related to Paris. To reach higher levels, players have to gain experience by eliminating targets in different ways, discovering unique items that can aid in assassinations, or starting the mission from various locations. It is not mandatory to complete all the challenges to reach level 20, as the game will inform players about their current rank upon completion of each mission.

Therefore, players should prioritize the challenges that suit their strengths and preferences in order to progress through the ranks more efficiently.


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