Payback | Main Quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Payback is a significant quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, where the main focus is the assault on Fort Vranik. Although Henry can participate in the battle, the victory can be achieved without doing much on the battlefield.

It is recommended to get three Saviour Schnapps before returning to Fort Vranik. It can be used to save the game during challenging parts, resulting in avoiding the repetition of significant portions of this and other quests.

  • Meet with Captain Bernard and Sir Divish
  • The assault on Fort Vranik
  • Search Fort Vranik

Meet with Captain Bernard and Sir Divish

Captain Bernard is waiting for Henry near his room in Rattay. Start the new main quest immediately if the gear is back during the previous quest. If not, Bernard will provide spare pieces of equipment. Take the key and go to the armory.

After reaching Talmberg, meet Sir Divish, and the game will take you automatically to Fort Vranik. Watch the cut-scene, and then a massive battle will begin.

The assault on Fort Vranik

The battle has similar rules to the assault on Pribyslavitz, which happened during one of the previous quests. Here are the most important tips and information:

The battle takes place at night – use a one-handed weapon so that Henry can hold a torch in his second hand.

Your allies can win the battle even if you don’t help them. Don’t attack enemies if the gear isn’t of high-quality or if you want to get Merciful achievement for completing the game without killing anyone.

If you want to fight, you can attack enemies who are busy fighting your allies. Attack them from behind or the side.

The game won’t save progress after reaching any phases of the battle. Failing a quest means replaying the battle from the beginning. It is recommended to use Saviour Schnapps right after starting the battle or after completing 1-2 of the initial stages.

Keep breaking through the parts of Fort Vranik, and wait patiently for your allies to destroy a closed gate. The battle ends when every bandit in the fort is dead, and after reaching Erik on top of the hill.

Search Fort Vranik

Take the chance to loot the enemies’ bodies and find a lot of Groschen as well as valuable pieces of armor and weapons that can be sold.

Reach the room where you met with Erik. The Letter from Vranik is on the table (see the picture). Take it to Sir Divish to complete the quest. You receive Groschen and start another main quest – Out of the Frying Pan.

Note – Take Erik’s trunk keys from the table if the equipment is still not back (the keys are hidden beneath the small barrel). Use them to open one of the locked chests.


What is Payback in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Payback is a main quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance where you help a man named Kunesh. He owes money to a local merchant and refuses to pay. As a result, the merchant has confiscated Kunesh’s property, including his tools and his house. Kunesh asks you to help him retrieve his belongings.

How do I complete the Payback quest?

To complete the Payback quest, you need to steal the merchant’s key to get into his house and retrieve Kunesh’s belongings. You can either pickpocket the key or find it hidden in a nearby haystack. Once you have the key, enter the merchant’s house and find Kunesh’s belongings. Be careful not to get caught by the merchant or his guards. Once you have all the items, return them to Kunesh and the quest will be complete.

What are the rewards for completing the Payback quest?

Completing the Payback quest will give you a reputation boost in Rattay and some experience points. You will also be able to keep any extra items you found in the merchant’s house. However, the most significant reward is the satisfaction of helping a fellow villager and potentially making a new ally in the game.

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