How to start: Speak to Cullen’s scout in Skyhold.

Who gives the quest: Cullen’s scout (M12,7)

Scout in Cullen’s office

At the beginning of this mission, you will encounter a scout in Cullen’s office who tells you that he spoke with Cassandra.

Door to armory

Head to the back of the tavern and enter the armory through the door near the stairs leading up the wall. After a cutscene, return to Cullen’s office. Here, you must decide whether Cullen – who is addicted to lyrium – should control himself and stop using it, or whether you should allow him to continue using it freely. Regardless of your choice, you will complete the quest, and the consequences will only be seen in the epilogue.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • Experience (a lot)
  • 400 influence points
  • 3 power points


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