Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 14, Escaping the Count’s Ship – Walkthrough

In Chapter 14 (Healing Our Wounds) of Plague Tale Requiem, you will engage in sea battles. Our guide will provide you with instructions on how to escape from the Count’s ship while protecting Arnaud, Lucas, and Sophia during the boarding.

The walkthrough below will focus on the battles from Chapter 14 (Healing Our Wounds) of Plague Tale: Requiem. It will explain how to escape the Count’s ship, protect Sophia and Lucas, and save Arnaud during the boarding.

  • Talk to the Others
  • Escape the Count’s Ship
  • Protect Sophia and Lucas
  • Save Arnaud

Talk to the Others

You will begin the chapter on the ship, where you can talk to your companions, just like in Chapter 8. Speak with Lucas, Sophia, and Hugo (Arnaud will be spoken to once he wakes up). A cut-scene will start, which will reveal that the Count’s ship is pursuing you.

Escape the Count’s Ship

Before engaging in battles, there are a few other things you need to do. First, reach the ropes twice and unfurl the sails, as you did before. The heroes will then decide to throw heavy cargo overboard, and you must assist Arnaud with this task.

Protect Sophia and Lucas

Head towards the covers closest to the enemy ship. Lean out and use the sling to kill opponents. While you will kill a few enemies, you will not be able to prevent the boarding.

Save Arnaud

Amicia will lose consciousness briefly. After regaining consciousness, you will learn that the enemies are attacking your ship. You must help Arnaud fight them. First, attack the soldiers who have boarded your ship and are trying to harm Arnaud. The crossbow is ideal for this task, as there are several bolts available.

Also, attack enemies moving between the ships and those aboard the Count’s ship. Remember that you can use tar and Ignifer, and switch to the sling to kill enemies without headgear.

Be aware of archers and enemies with spears, and hide behind covers. If you take more damage, stay behind a particular cover until your health bar regenerates.

Defend yourself until the game shows a cut-scene, which will end the short fourteenth chapter of the adventure.


1. What is the objective of Chapter 14 in Plague Tale Requiem?

The objective of Chapter 14 in Plague Tale Requiem is to get away from the Count’s ship. The player needs to guide Amicia and Hugo through the shipyard while avoiding the guards and finding a way to escape. The chapter is full of puzzles, stealth sections, and combat encounters, and it requires the player to use all their skills and knowledge of the game mechanics to succeed.

2. How do I avoid the guards in Chapter 14?

To avoid the guards in Chapter 14, you need to use stealth. Stick to the shadows and make sure you are not seen. If a guard spots you, they will raise the alarm, and you will have to fight your way out or restart from the last checkpoint. Use Hugo’s ability to control the rats to distract the guards or create a path for you to pass unnoticed. Also, pay attention to the guards’ patrol routes and wait for the right moment to move forward.

3. What weapons and items are available in Chapter 14?

In Chapter 14, you can use a variety of weapons and items to help you in combat and puzzles. The slingshot is your primary weapon, but you can also use the rats to attack the guards or destroy barricades and obstacles. You can also craft various ammunition types, such as explosive rocks or incendiary bottles, using the materials found in the environment. Additionally, you can find and use torches to light up dark areas and scare off rats.

4. How long does it take to complete Chapter 14?

The time it takes to complete Chapter 14 in Plague Tale Requiem depends on your skill level and playstyle. On average, it takes around 30 minutes to finish the chapter if you do not encounter any major issues or challenges. However, if you struggle with the puzzles, get caught by the guards, or die frequently, it may take you longer to complete the chapter. Remember to save often and use the checkpoints wisely to avoid losing progress.

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