Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 2, Walk to the house – walkthrough

Starting Chapter 2 (Newcomers) of Plague Tale Requiem involves reaching the heroes’ new home. Our walkthrough covers everything from the fair’s main attractions and finding the florist and her husband, to avoiding guards and archers.

This page of our Plague Tale: Requiem walkthrough focuses on the beginning of Chapter 2 – Newcomers. Our solution offers guidance on navigating the fair, reaching the house on the hill where you meet the florist and her husband, making your way to the arena, avoiding detection, and dealing with the first archer.

  • Walk to the house
  • Find the florist
  • Find the florist’s husband
  • Reach the arena
  • Follow the Order’s symbols
  • Reach the south tower

Walk to the house

Chapter 2 begins in a town hosting a fair. You can take your time exploring the stalls, watching performers, listening to conversations, or heading straight to the hill. On the way, there’s a plate throwing competition that you can participate in to win the Best Player souvenir.

Keep following the path until you reach a stage where a play is taking place. Interact with Hugo to carry him on your shoulders. The path will lead to a house on the hill where Lucas is waiting. Interact with the door to trigger a cut-scene.

Find the florist

You’ll team up with Lucas to leave the city. Follow him as he distracts the guard. Your goal is to find the florist, whose stall is located in an area where a large group of people used to be.

Find the florist’s husband

The florist will mention that her husband is near the fountain, wearing brown clothes and working with a rake. Refer to the attached picture for his location and interact with him to start a conversation.

Reach the arena

Continue following Lucas until you reach a previously inaccessible passage to the slums. There’s an Order symbol on the wall. You’ll encounter guards at the arena gate, so instead of reasoning with them, head right, use the stairs, and open the door for a cut-scene.

Follow the Order’s symbols

The upper passage is blocked, but you can solve a cart pushing puzzle to gain access. With Lucas’s help, bring the cart to the upper ledge and climb it to continue. Follow the Order’s symbols to progress.

To progress, you must squeeze through a small hole. Currently, Amicia is unable to defeat opponents wearing headgear, so stealth is crucial. Standard opponents are also present, which require avoidance. Use pots and stones to distract guards by throwing them at tool chests. Additionally, there are side rooms available for sneaking through. Your goal is to reach the door depicted in the image above. Take your time and approach only if the area is clear.

Jump over the shutter and hit the hanging cage with bodies using your slingshot in the location with corpses. It will fall onto the platform on wheels. Push it to the higher ledge, climb up the cage and onto the new ledge. The first knife is located in the new area, which can be used to attack armored enemies, but each attack will deplete your current knife. You can only reactivate the skill if a new knife is found.

Squeeze through the opening and proceed to the next location. This area is inhabited by opponents, including an archer. You can eliminate the archer from a distance using your slingshot (as shown in the image above), but make sure to avoid detection. Alternatively, you can sneak up to him, taking advantage of the fact that he sometimes looks away.

There are two available paths in this location – left and right. Both require sneaking, with some enemies able to be passed by or turning their heads from time to time. If necessary, use throwables such as plates and toolboxes. The exit from this area can be found at the opposite end, behind the archer as shown in the image above.

Upon entering the new area, a tutorial regarding Amicia’s skills will be provided. Three playstyles are available, which can be further explored on the Character Development page of the guide. Afterward, explore the new location, and examine both paths available after reaching the stairs. One of them leads to a dying woman connected to a souvenir called “Be At Peace.”

Reach the south tower

Resurface and search for platforms leading to the tower. Unfortunately, the platforms will collapse under your weight. This leads to the first encounter with rats. To continue, refer to the next page of the walkthrough.


1. What is Plague Tale Requiem?

Plague Tale Requiem is a sequel to the critically acclaimed game A Plague Tale: Innocence. The game is set in a medieval world ravaged by the Black Death, and players control Amicia and her brother Hugo as they navigate the dangerous world filled with rats, Inquisition soldiers, and other deadly obstacles.

2. What is Chapter 2 of Plague Tale Requiem?

Chapter 2 of Plague Tale Requiem is called “Walk to the house.” After escaping the Inquisition in the previous chapter, Amicia and Hugo are now on the run and trying to find safety. The chapter begins with the siblings walking through a forest, trying to reach a house where they believe they will find shelter.

3. How do I complete Chapter 2 of Plague Tale Requiem?

To complete Chapter 2 of Plague Tale Requiem, players must guide Amicia and Hugo through the forest and reach the house. Along the way, players must avoid the rats and Inquisition soldiers, and solve puzzles to progress. Some puzzles require players to use Amicia’s sling to break objects or distract enemies, while other puzzles require players to use Hugo’s unique abilities to interact with the environment. Once players reach the house, the chapter ends and the story continues.

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