Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 3 (A Burden of Blood) Secret Chests – List and Locations

In this guide, you will find a list of secret chests that can be found in chapter 3 (A Burden of Blood) of Plague Tale Requiem. Finding these chests will help you uncover all the secrets of stage 3.

As you progress through chapter 3 of Plague Tale: Requiem, keep an eye out for hidden chests that fall under the category of collectibles. This guide contains a list of these chests and their locations.

  • Toolbox #1
  • Toolbox #2
  • Secret Box #1

Toolbox #1

You can find this chest early in the stage, near the city gates (as shown in the screenshot above).

To access the chest, light a brazier to drive away the rats. Then, head towards the stairs marked in the image above. You’ll find a small side area with the box.

Toolbox #2

This chest can be found in the village while searching for the herbalist. Start by the carcass of a cow.

Search the surrounding left-hand buildings – one of them contains the chest shown in the picture.

Secret Box #1

The first secret chest, a closed workbench, can be found in the ballista barn that the heroes visit in the fort during the final part of the chapter.

Start by retrieving Amicia’s equipment from the barn. Then, approach the closed workbench. To open the workshop and access this and all subsequent objects of this type, you will need to sacrifice 1 knife.


What are Secret Chests in Plague Tale Requiem?

Secret Chests are hidden collectibles in Plague Tale Requiem that can be found throughout the game. These chests contain valuable resources and items that can aid players in their journey. They are usually well-hidden and require players to explore their surroundings thoroughly to find them.

Where can I find the Secret Chests in Chapter 3 (A Burden of Blood)?

There are a total of three Secret Chests in Chapter 3, and they can be found in the following locations:

1. In the alleyway behind the first guard – After the first guard, players will come across an alleyway. The Secret Chest can be found at the end of this alleyway.

2. In the room with the rats – Players will come across a room with rats that they need to avoid. The Secret Chest can be found in this room, on a ledge above the rats.

3. In the room with the two guards – Players will come across a room with two guards. The Secret Chest can be found in this room, on a ledge above the guards.

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