Plague Tale Requiem: Chapter 8 (A Sea of Promises) – Secret Chests List and Locations

This guide will help you find all the secret chests in chapter 8 (A Sea of Promises) of Plague Tale Requiem, making it easier for you to explore all the locations and achieve 100% completion.

While playing through the eighth chapter, you can search for tool chests, which are one of the many types of collectibles you can find. This guide will show you where to find each secret chest.

Toolbox #1

As you progress through the story, you will escape from Count’s soldiers, after which you will reach a barn. Ask Hugo to squeeze through an opening and unlock access to a cart. Push the cart towards the upper shelf marked in the image above.

Climb to the upper level of the barn to collect the secret chest.


What are Secret Chests in A Plague Tale Requiem?

Secret Chests are collectibles hidden throughout the game that reward players with useful items and upgrades. In A Plague Tale Requiem, there are multiple Secret Chests scattered throughout each chapter, including Chapter 8 (A Sea of Promises). These chests are usually well-hidden and require players to explore the environment thoroughly to find them.

Where can I find the Secret Chests in Chapter 8 of A Plague Tale Requiem?

Chapter 8 (A Sea of Promises) in A Plague Tale Requiem has a total of 3 Secret Chests for players to find. The first chest can be found in the starting area, hidden behind some rocks near the water. The second chest is located in the area with the wooden bridge, tucked away in a small alcove behind a pile of debris. The third and final chest is found in the area with the windmill, hidden behind a stack of crates near the water. Keep an eye out for any hidden paths or areas that may lead you to these valuable collectibles.

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