Plague Tale Requiem: Cheats – immortality, QTE skips

If you want to make Plague Tale Requiem easier, you can use cheats. This guide will explain how to activate partial immortality and how to skip QTE scenes automatically.

Plague Tale: Requiem has cheats that you can use to adjust the difficulty to your liking. This guide will teach you how to activate Invincible Mode, which makes you partially invulnerable. You will also learn how to automatically complete QTEs, which will save you a lot of time.

  • Invincible Mode – partial invulnerability
  • Automatic Interactions – skipping QTEs

Invincible Mode – partial invulnerability

The easiest way to make the game easier is to choose the lowest difficulty level, Narrative. However, if you want more options, you can go to the Gameplay tab in the game settings and activate Invincible Mode, which will make you partially invulnerable. With this setting:

  1. Human enemies can’t kill you;
  2. You can still die from rats, fire, and traps.

Automatic Interactions – skipping QTEs

In the Gameplay tab, you can also activate:

  1. Automatic Timed Inputs Execution;
  2. Automatic Quick Interactions.

Both of these options will help you automatically complete QTEs and other scenes where you must react quickly. They are especially helpful if you’re having trouble completing QTEs.


What are cheats in Plague Tale Requiem and how do they work?

Cheats in Plague Tale Requiem are special codes or commands that players can use to gain advantages in the game. One of the most popular cheats is immortality, which allows players to become invincible and withstand any type of damage. Another cheat is QTE skips, which lets players bypass quick-time events by automatically completing them without any input from the player. To use cheats, players must input specific codes or commands during gameplay. However, it’s important to note that cheating can take away from the overall experience of the game and may even result in a ban from online play.

Are cheats legal in Plague Tale Requiem and can I get in trouble for using them?

While cheats are not technically illegal in Plague Tale Requiem or other video games, their use can result in consequences. Cheating in single-player modes may not have any repercussions, but using cheats in online multiplayer modes can result in a ban from the game’s servers. Additionally, some game developers may view cheating as a violation of their terms of service and may take legal action against players who use cheats. Ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide whether the benefits of cheating outweigh the potential risks.

Can cheats affect my progress in Plague Tale Requiem and prevent me from unlocking achievements?

Using cheats in Plague Tale Requiem can affect a player’s progress and prevent them from unlocking certain achievements. For example, if a player uses immortality cheats, they may not face the same challenges and obstacles as other players and may not earn achievements related to completing the game without dying. Similarly, using QTE skips may prevent players from unlocking achievements related to successfully completing quick-time events. It’s important to consider the potential impact of cheats on a player’s overall experience and how they may affect progress and achievements.

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