Plague Tale Requiem: Is the game open world?

On this page of the guide, we will discuss whether Plague Tale Requiem is an open world game and if players are allowed to explore the locations in-depth.

Players may wonder about the scale and freedom of exploration in Plague Tale: Requiem. This page will explain whether the game is open world and how much side exploration is possible.

  • Is the game open world?
  • Locations for free exploration

Is the game open world?

Plague Tale Requiem is not an open world game. The game is divided into chapters that must be played in a predetermined order. In each chapter, players must complete activities required to progress through the game.

The game’s puzzles have only one solution, and players will not find side quests. The only way to revisit most locations is by using the Chapter Selection option.

Locations for free exploration

There are locations in the game that players can choose to explore more thoroughly before reaching the next main objective.

The most significant location of this type is the island of La Cuna. In chapter 9, players are free to explore the majority of the island. Players can focus on collecting numerous secrets and collectibles, solve the optional windmill puzzle, or search for additional loot. Players will also return to the main part of the island several times later in the campaign, including after nightfall with many rats roaming the island.

Players can also search for interesting sequences or optional activities in some locations. For instance, in chapter 2, players end up at a fair where they can chat with merchants, watch shows, or even participate in a pot-throwing competition.


1. Is Plague Tale Requiem an open-world game?

No, Plague Tale Requiem is not an open-world game. The game is a linear, story-driven experience that takes players through a predetermined path. Although the game gives players some freedom to explore the areas, it is not an open-world game where players can go wherever they want and do whatever they please. Instead, players will follow a set path and engage with the story and gameplay mechanics as they progress.

2. Can I explore the world in Plague Tale Requiem?

Yes, to some extent. While Plague Tale Requiem is not an open-world game, it does offer players some opportunities to explore the world and its environments. Players can explore the various areas of the game, interact with objects and characters, and uncover hidden secrets and collectibles. However, the game’s primary focus is on the story and its linear progression, so players shouldn’t expect a massive world to roam around in.

3. Will Plague Tale Requiem have side quests?

No, Plague Tale Requiem does not have any side quests. As a linear, story-driven experience, the game focuses on delivering a cohesive narrative and gameplay experience. While players can explore the game’s environments and uncover secrets, there are no side quests or optional objectives to complete. The game’s story and gameplay mechanics are designed to provide a focused and engaging experience that progresses at a steady pace.

4. Can I revisit areas in Plague Tale Requiem?

Yes, players can revisit areas in Plague Tale Requiem. Although the game’s story is linear, players can backtrack to previous areas and explore them more thoroughly. This allows players to uncover missed secrets and collectibles or revisit areas that they enjoyed exploring. However, the game’s progression is still linear, so players will need to follow the predetermined path to progress the story.

5. Will Plague Tale Requiem have multiple endings?

It is currently unknown if Plague Tale Requiem will have multiple endings. The game’s developers have not confirmed whether the game will have branching paths or multiple outcomes based on player choices. However, the game’s focus on narrative and character development suggests that the story will have a definitive conclusion that all players will experience. As more information becomes available, we may learn if the game will have multiple endings or not.

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