Plague Tale Requiem: Tips for Beginners

The following tips for Plague Tale Requiem are perfect for beginners. They will help you to navigate the game’s challenges, avoid rats and enemies, and use Amicia’s equipment efficiently.

If you want to avoid making serious mistakes and dying frequently, make sure to read our beginner’s guide before playing. It covers common errors, smart ways to eliminate or avoid enemies, and strategies for dealing with hordes of rats.

  • Don’t waste knives on fighting opponents.
  • Invest in upgrades that eliminate the need to find tools.
  • Upgrade Amicia’s crossbow to increase its usefulness.
  • Thoroughly explore locations and search for secret areas.
  • Stay close to light sources in rat-infested areas.
  • Rats can devour your enemies.
  • Use Tar and Ignifer to set enemies on fire.
  • Use tall grass to hide and avoid detection.
  • Remember that Amicia’s companions are not invincible.

Don’t Use Knives When Fighting Opponents

Knives are valuable items in Plague Tale Requiem, but they have a significant drawback – they’re disposable. Regardless of how and when you use them, they’re lost after a single use, forcing you to locate more.

Make sure to always have at least one knife in your inventory, as they’re necessary for opening locked workbenches and acquiring valuable loot. Knives can also be used to kill enemies, but there are alternative methods available.

Later in the game, you can increase the number of knives you carry by purchasing the Belt Cases upgrade. For more information, see our Knives – How to Carry More? page.

Invest in Upgrades That Eliminate the Need to Find Tools

Tools are required to craft upgrades at workbenches. Although they can be found in the game world, they’re rare and can be difficult to locate.

Thankfully, the Unbreakable Tool upgrade removes the need for tools. Instead, you’ll only need crafting parts (Pieces), allowing you to unlock upgrades more quickly.

For more information on upgrades and Amicia’s skills, see our Character Development page.

Upgrade Amicia’s Crossbow to Increase Its Usefulness

You’ll acquire the crossbow in chapter five, but it’s initially limited by the fact that you can only carry one bolt at a time. After firing, you’ll need to locate another bolt before you can use it again.

These upgrades can help:

  1. Use Tar on the ground to create a sticky trap that enemies will get stuck in;
  2. Use Ignifer to set the Tar on fire and burn the enemies trapped in it.

This method is especially effective against groups of enemies. It’s also a good way to eliminate enemies without making noise and alerting nearby enemies. However, be careful not to get caught in the flames yourself!

  1. To slow down your opponent(s), throw a pot of tar on them. This will cover them in tar and hinder their movements.
  2. If you want to eliminate your enemy(s) quickly, throw Ignifer at them. They will catch fire and die.

If you come across an opponent carrying a torch, simply throw a pot of tar at them. There is no need to waste Ignifer.

Hiding in tall grass is essential for stealth

The key to sneaking around remains the same as in the first game of Plague Tale – hide in tall grass. As long as enemies are not alarmed, you will be safe. However, if they become suspicious, they may search the area, including the grass.

You can also distract guards by throwing rocks at chests or using Sophia prism’s to set the grass on fire. Unfortunately, this technique is only available in certain chapters.

Amicia’s companions are vulnerable

Throughout the game, Amicia travels with one or two companions. While they can hide, they are not invincible. Their lives are at risk during direct fights and predetermined points in the game, such as when the heroes are suddenly separated.

If you see an ally in trouble, you must help them before it’s too late. They will be marked with an icon, indicating how much time you have to save them. If your companion dies, the game is over and you must restart the sequence.


What is Plague Tale Requiem?

Plague Tale Requiem is a sequel to the popular game A Plague Tale: Innocence. It is an action-adventure game developed by Asobo Studio and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game is set in a medieval world that is ravaged by the Black Death, and players take on the role of Amicia, a young girl who must navigate this dangerous world while protecting her younger brother Hugo. The game features a combination of stealth, puzzle-solving, and combat elements, and players must use their wits and skills to survive.

What are some tips for beginners?

If you are new to Plague Tale Requiem, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, take your time and explore the game world thoroughly. There are many hidden treasures and secrets to discover, and exploring can often lead to helpful items and upgrades. Secondly, be patient and take a stealthy approach to combat. Rushing into battle can be dangerous, and it is often better to take enemies by surprise or sneak past them altogether. Finally, make use of your skills and abilities. Amicia has a range of skills and weapons at her disposal, and it is important to use them wisely to overcome challenges and progress through the game.

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