Preparing for the Capture of Odahviing | The Fallen

On this page of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim guide, we provide a walkthrough for the preparations required to capture the dragon Odahviing. These preparations are part of the main quest The Fallen. The hero must speak with the Jarl of Whiterun and the Greybeards.

  • New main objective: Speak with the Jarl of Whiterun
  • New main objective: Seek Greybeards’ assistance in negotiating a truce

New main objective: Speak with the Jarl of Whiterun

Open the world map and fast travel to Dragonsreach in Whiterun. Upon arrival, locate the Jarl of Whiterun. If the Imperial Legion still controls Whiterun, the Jarl will be Balgruuf (this is also the default state if you have not yet started any civil war quests). If the Stormcloaks have taken over Whiterun, the Jarl will be Vignar. During the conversation, the hero must request permission from the Jarl to use his castle to capture the dragon (as shown in the screen above).

The conversation with the Jarl can go one of two ways. The more likely scenario involves the Jarl denying the request due to the ongoing civil war in Skyrim, as the opposing side may seize the opportunity to take over Whiterun. However, once the Jarl learns of Alduin’s return, he will change his mind and agree to hold a meeting of both factions at the Greybeards’ monastery to negotiate a temporary treaty (as shown in the screen above). Therefore, the hero must embark on a new quest, Season Unending, and can only return to capturing the dragon after completing it.

Main quest unlocked: Season Unending

The second option involves the Jarl of Whiterun agreeing to the plan of using the castle to capture the dragon. However, this outcome is only possible if one side (Imperial Legion or Stormcloaks) has already won or is close to winning the civil war. The only exception is persuading the Jarl to change his mind by having a character with highly developed Speech. If the Jarl agrees to the plan, the hero can skip Season Unending entirely and proceed to the description of learning the Shout to call Odahviing.

New main objective: Seek Greybeards’ assistance in negotiating a truce

Note! This objective will only appear in the hero’s journal if they were unable to convince the Jarl of Whiterun to immediately prepare for capturing the dragon and were instead asked for help in negotiating a treaty.

Leave Dragonsreach, open the world map, and head to High Hrothgar. Enter the monastery and find Arngeir. During the conversation, the hero must persuade the Greybeard to organize a meeting between the Imperial Legion and Stormcloaks to negotiate the terms of a truce (as shown in the screen above). Further details can be found in the Season Unending walkthrough.


1. What is “The Fallen”?

“The Fallen” is a popular online game that allows players to catch and train their own dragons. The game is set in a fantasy world where players must explore different areas, battle other players, and complete quests to earn rewards and level up their dragons. It’s a fun and engaging game that requires strategy, patience, and skill to master.

2. How do I prepare to catch a dragon?

To catch a dragon in “The Fallen,” you must first explore different areas of the game and locate the dragon’s habitat. Once you’ve found the habitat, you’ll need to battle and defeat the dragon to weaken it. Then, you can use special items and techniques to catch the dragon and add it to your collection. Before attempting to catch a dragon, it’s important to make sure that your own dragon is strong enough to battle and that you have the necessary items and resources to succeed.

3. What types of dragons can I catch in “The Fallen”?

“The Fallen” features a wide variety of dragons with different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Some dragons are more common and easier to catch, while others are rare and require special techniques or items to capture. There are also different elements that affect the type of dragon you can catch, such as fire, water, and earth. Exploring different areas and battling other players is the best way to discover new dragons and add them to your collection.

4. How do I train my dragon in “The Fallen”?

Training your dragon in “The Fallen” involves feeding it, leveling it up, and teaching it new skills and abilities. You can feed your dragon by collecting food items and using them to increase its strength and stamina. Leveling up your dragon requires battling other players and completing quests to earn experience points. Teaching your dragon new skills and abilities requires using special items and techniques to unlock its potential. It’s important to train your dragon regularly to keep it strong and prepared for battle.

5. Can I play “The Fallen” on my mobile device?

Yes, “The Fallen” is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download the game from the Google Play Store or the App Store and play it on your smartphone or tablet. The mobile version of the game has all the same features as the desktop version, including exploration, battles, and quests. Playing on a mobile device allows you to take “The Fallen” with you wherever you go and catch dragons on the fly.

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