It’s important to note that the quest, “Purity,” is optional and can only be obtained after completing the last major Companions quest, “Glory of the Dead.”

You can receive this quest from Vilkas or Farkas. Once you agree to help, you’ll be asked to accompany the shield-brother to Ysgramor’s Tomb to “cure” his soul, just as you did in the “Glory of the Dead” quest with Kodlak’s soul. If you have already killed all the witches during the “Blood’s Honor” quest and taken their heads, you can proceed to the tomb. If not, you’ll need to travel to the Glenmoril Witch location, attack a witch, and take her head after defeating her.

If you have at least one witch head, open your map and travel to Ysgramor’s Tomb. Once you arrive, enter the tomb and take the eastern passage (as shown in the screenshot) to reach the main chamber easily.

You must throw the witch’s head into the flames and then fight the wolf spirit (as seen in the screenshot). After the battle, speak with the quest giver to receive your reward. Later on in the game, you may have the opportunity to complete another quest like this one and connect with a second shield-brother. If you choose to do so, you’ll need to repeat all the steps described above. Additionally, you can throw another witch’s head into the flames to cure your character of the curse, but this will prevent you from transforming into a werewolf (Beast Form will be removed from your powers list).


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