Qualifies for Printing

How to Access: Speak with Bram Kenric at the camp.

Quest Provider: Bram Kenric (M31,2)

Chat with Kenric to begin another mission.

In your first dialogue, Kenric will mention that Colette is missing. You can locate her in the southern part of the swamp (M31,3a).

Colette in the swamp.

Assist Collete in battling a Gurgut and rendezvous with her in the ruins to the north (M31,3b). She will reveal some highly intriguing information.

The steps in the ruins.

You’ll find the girl by entering the ruins and descending the stairs. She is standing near a shrine.


  • Experience (average)
  • 150 Inquisition Influence
  • Unlocked operation: An Appeal to the Shaperate


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