Qun’s Requirements

How to unlock: Speak to Iron Bull in Skyhold with a high approval level and after finishing “The Captain of the Chargers” mission.

Quest-giver: Iron Bull (M12,22)

Tea Gathering on the Coast

Speak to Iron Bull (M12,22) in Skyhold. You must have a high approval level and watch all previous cutscenes before starting this quest. Then travel with Iron Bull (as your companion) to Storm Coast to start the quest.

First Venatori Camp

After the cutscene, speak to Iron Bull again and head to the marked point on the hill. On your way, eliminate all Venatori in the two camps. Don’t forget to search the chests – you’ll find a legendary helmet in one.

Signal Fire

Next, head to the fire. Interact with it to signal the attack. During the next conversation, you must decide whether the Bull warriors should retreat or try to hold the position. Holding the position is the better option (you’ll unlock the “Failed Assassination Attempt Inquiry” operation and receive an additional 400 influence points and more approval points from Iron Bull). This is the final step to complete the quest.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • Experience (lots)
  • 400 influence points
  • 3 power points
  • Legendary weapon
  • Throne


What are the Demands of the Qun?

The Demands of the Qun are a set of strict rules and principles that dictate the way of life for the Qunari people. The Qunari believe that by following the Demands, they can achieve a perfect society where everyone has a specific role and all work together for the greater good. The Demands cover every aspect of life, from how to dress and behave, to how to fight and govern. It is believed that following the Demands leads to a peaceful and prosperous society, but those who do not obey the Demands are seen as dangerous and disruptive to the Qunari way of life.

What is the punishment for breaking the Demands of the Qun?

The punishment for breaking the Demands of the Qun is severe. Those who break the Demands are seen as having failed their purpose in life and are considered to be “Qunari without a purpose.” They are often exiled from Qunari society and forced to live as outcasts. In extreme cases, they may be executed for their disobedience. The Qunari believe that obedience to the Demands is essential for the survival of their society, and those who refuse to follow the rules are seen as a threat to the greater good.

Can non-Qunari follow the Demands of the Qun?

It is highly unlikely that non-Qunari would be able to follow the Demands of the Qun. The Demands are deeply ingrained in Qunari culture and are seen as essential for their way of life. Non-Qunari would not have grown up with the same values and beliefs as Qunari, and therefore would not be able to fully understand or follow the Demands. Additionally, the Qunari view non-Qunari as inferior and would not accept them as part of their society, even if they were able to follow the Demands.

How do the Demands of the Qun affect Qunari relationships?

The Demands of the Qun play a significant role in Qunari relationships. Qunari are expected to put the greater good above their individual desires and are often paired with a partner based on their suitability for producing strong offspring or fulfilling specific roles in society. Love and personal relationships are seen as secondary to the needs of the Qun. Qunari who break the rules of their assigned relationships are seen as having failed their duty to the Qun and may be punished or exiled. However, the Qunari also value loyalty and respect, and those who follow the Demands are rewarded with the trust and support of their peers.

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