Rapturous Rise | Minikit Sets

Minikit 1

To get the first Minikit, turn left at the beginning of the stage and select a character with claws like Wolverine or The Beast. Dig up three sand piles in a triangle shape and build a crab from the debris.

Minikit 2

Head towards the rock wall in the interior and approach the gold statuette. Melt it with a fire beam to destroy a fragile slab behind it. Then, build a sandbox from the debris. Select Sandman to pass through the sand and obtain the Minikit.

Minikit 3

After passing through the first electric gate, defeat all the enemies in the area. Then, approach the trees growing on the left side of the glade. Select Spider-Man or Venom and use your spider sense to uncover an attachable point. Yank it with a web and pick up the Minikit.

Minikit 4

Turn right and approach the building with a crane. Search it for a golden gate and melt it with a fire beam to uncover the next Minikit.

Minikit 5

To get this Minikit, you need to melt five golden eggs. The first egg is located at the starting point of the second location on the left side of the jungle.

The second egg is hidden on the right, near the S.H.I.E.L.D. boxes and some flames.

The third egg can be found under the gorilla, near the place with a constructible engine.

The fourth egg is located a little bit on the right, just under the wall.

The final, fifth egg can be found near the exit from this stage, vis-a-vis to the bunker.

Minikit 6

To obtain this Minikit, you must destroy four red trunks. The first trunk is lying at the path at the beginning of the second stage.

The second trunk is hidden behind the aeroplane’s tail, at the slope.

The third trunk is located at the rock platform, a little above from the flames and eggs (you will find Stan Lee there).

The last trunk is hidden in the bunker at the end of this stage, on the left.

Minikit 7

Go to the shattered aeroplane and use Iron Man’s rockets to destroy the silver plate on the tail. That’s the only way to uncover this Minikit.

Minikit 8

Vis-a-vis from the bunker, you can find a huge shrub. Manipulate it using Loki’s telekinetic skills to obtain some bricks. Then, build iron bars from the debris and pass through the passage using Mr. Fantastic’s ability.

Minikit 9

Reach the final, third stage and choose Magneto. Approach the metal sculpture located above and manipulate it to obtain the next collectible.

Minikit 10

To get the final minikit, you must uncover five pumpkins hidden in sand mounds. The first one can be found on the left side at the beginning of the level – use Wolverine’s claws to dig it up.

The second one is hidden just a few steps to the right.

You can reach the third sand mound after destroying the first wall. It is located on the right side, under the cannon.

The fourth one is buried on the right side of the arena during the boss fight.

The last pumpkin is located in the upper-left corner of the same stage.


What are Rapturous Rise minikit sets?

Rapturous Rise minikit sets are small sets of Lego blocks that can be used to create a miniature version of the Rapturous Rise location in the Lego video game, Lego Dimensions. Each set contains a different set of blocks that can be used to build a specific part of the Rapturous Rise level, such as a vehicle or a building. These sets are designed to be collected and used in conjunction with the Lego Dimensions video game, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience and create their own unique versions of the Rapturous Rise level.

How many different Rapturous Rise minikit sets are there?

There are currently five different Rapturous Rise minikit sets available for purchase. Each set contains a unique set of Lego blocks that can be used to build a different part of the Rapturous Rise level. The sets are named after the specific part of the level they can be used to build, such as the “Sonic Batray” or the “Goo Volcano”. Collecting all five sets allows players to fully customize their Rapturous Rise experience and build the entire level in miniature form.

Are Rapturous Rise minikit sets compatible with other Lego sets?

Rapturous Rise minikit sets are specifically designed to be used with the Lego Dimensions video game and are not compatible with other Lego sets. However, the blocks in each set can be used interchangeably with other minikit sets from the same video game. This allows players to mix and match different sets to create their own unique builds and customize their gameplay experience even further.

Where can I purchase Rapturous Rise minikit sets?

Rapturous Rise minikit sets can be purchased at select retailers that sell Lego Dimensions products, such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart. They can also be purchased directly from the Lego website. Prices for each set may vary depending on the retailer and current market demand.

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