Rebels in the Witchforest

How to unlock: Discover a letter inside a cave.

Quest giver: – (M3,13)

The cave entrance for the rebels

In the North-East of the ruined citadel, near a small pond, there is a cave containing a letter with information about the rebels and their secret hideout. The hideout is located to the North, inside the cave and protected by a magical barrier (M3,13a). Inside the hideout, there are a few mages – it is not recommended to go there at the beginning of the game as they can be quite challenging if you are low on experience.

Completing the quest rewards you with:

  • Plenty of experience points
  • 200 Influence points
  • 2 Power points
  • A legendary weapon called Lovais’s staff


What is an apostate in Witchforest?

An apostate in Witchforest is someone who was once a practitioner of witchcraft, but has renounced their beliefs and left the community. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as a change in personal beliefs, a desire to distance themselves from the negative stigma surrounding witchcraft, or a disagreement with the practices and beliefs of their former coven or community.

How are apostates viewed in the Witchforest community?

The view of apostates in the Witchforest community varies greatly. Some practitioners view apostates as traitors or weak-willed individuals who couldn’t handle the challenges of practicing witchcraft. Others believe that everyone has the right to their own beliefs and choices, and that apostates should be respected and welcomed back if they choose to return. Still, others view apostates with suspicion and caution, believing that they may have turned against their former community for malicious reasons.

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