Recruiting Agents for the Inquisition in Dragon Age Inquisition

One example of a potential agent is Master Dennet.

As you progress through the game, you have the opportunity to not only recruit new party members, but also agents. These are non-playable characters (NPCs) who, through a conversation or completed quest, decide to join the Inquisition and work for it. One of the most notable effects of this is a reduction in time required to complete operations in the war room at the Inquisition’s headquarters. This becomes more significant later in the game, as operations can take several tens of minutes or, in extreme cases, several hours less. Additionally, recruiting agents can result in moving the NPC into the Inquisition’s HQ (offering new dialogue options) or gaining access to entirely new operations.

The table below presents all of the agents that you can recruit. Some of them are connected to side quests, and for more information, see the game walkthrough.






While completing the “Still Waters” side quest, you need to reach the location where Jana is being attacked by the undead. After defeating them, speak to Jana and select the special dialogue option that appears on the list if Solas is traveling with the party.


Emerald Graves

In the Emerald Graves, complete all the activities connected with the “Fairbanks’ Trust” quest. Meet Fairbanks at the end and offer him a job with the Inquisition.


Emprise du Lion

Complete the “They Call Me Ishmael” side quest and choose to fight the battle during the quest. After the battle ends, you receive the option to recruit him.


Exalted Plains

Earn Loranil’s trust, who is staying at the Dalish elf encampment, by completing side quests given by the elves. Sooner or later, you will have the opportunity to recruit Loranil.


The Fallow Mire

Complete the “Lost Souls” side quest. After winning the battle and freeing the captives, try to exit the fort and you will encounter the Avvar. Allow him to become an agent of the Inquisition.

Chief Movran


You can recruit the chef after participating in the “Participate in the Trial” side quest. You need to decide to arm the chief and expel him.

Magister Alexius


You can recruit this NPC only if you have completed the “In Hushed Whispers” main quest, connected with the mages. Later in the game, you get an option to try Alexius during the “Participate in the Trial” quest. You need to allow Alexius to work for the mages under scrutiny. This is only available if you have the Arcane Knowledge perk.


The Hinterlands

To recruit various characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition, certain quests and dialogue options need to be completed. For example, to recruit Clemence in the tavern in Redcliffe, offer him a job. To recruit Corporal Vale in the Hinterlands, complete six side missions and meet him at the crossroads. To recruit Ellandra, complete the “My Lover’s Phylactery” side quest and ask Vivienne to join the conversation. To recruit Lord Berand, complete a part of the “Praise the Herald of Andraste” side quest and find him in the southern citadel. To recruit Master Dennet, complete his side quests and ask Cassandra to help you or pick the special dialogue option. To recruit Orator Anais, complete the “Praise Herald of Andraste” side quest and convince her to become the Inquisition’s spy. To recruit Ritts, complete the “Strange Bedfellows” side quest and have Varric on the party. To recruit Sister Tanner, complete the “Business Arrangements” side quest and have Cassandra on the team. To recruit the Bandit in the Storm Coast, complete the “House Clearing” side quest and wear the Mercy’s Crest. Finally, to recruit Alchemist Frederic in the Western Approach, complete his side quests and find him in the Sand Crags Camp.

To recruit Frederic, you must complete five side quests in the Western Approach: “Frederic’s Livelihood,” “Draconology,” “How to Lure a Dragon,” “Hunting Patterns,” and “Sharper White Fangs.” You also need to defeat the High Dragon in this location and then invite Frederic to the Skyhold. To recruit Servis, you must complete “The Trouble With Darkspawns” side quest and capture Servis alive towards the end of the mission. After waiting for the option to try Servis, you can make him a spy or smuggler for the Inquisition. To recruit Florianne, you must win against her during the “Wicked Eyes Wicked Hearts” main quest and wait for her trail to become available in the Skyhold. To recruit the Mercenary, talk to one of the mercenaries in the main yard during the same quest and choose the special dialogue option. To recruit Templar Barris, make sure he survives during the “Champions of the Just” main quest, and then win the battle against the Pride demon. To recruit Belle, find her during your first visit to Val Royeaux while completing the “Threat Remains” main quest.


What are the Agents of the Inquisition in Dragon Age Inquisition?

The Agents of the Inquisition are a group of individuals who have pledged their allegiance to the Inquisition, an organization dedicated to restoring order in the land of Thedas. These individuals come from various backgrounds, including mages, warriors, rogues, and even commoners. Each agent brings their own unique skills and abilities to the Inquisition, helping to make it a formidable force against the various threats facing Thedas.

How do I recruit Agents of the Inquisition?

Recruiting agents for the Inquisition is a key aspect of the game, as it allows you to unlock new quests, gain access to new areas, and even influence the outcome of certain main story missions. To recruit agents, you must first find them in the world of Thedas. Some agents can be found by exploring, while others can be acquired by completing specific quests or by making certain dialogue choices.

Once you have found an agent, you must then complete a specific task or quest for them in order to gain their allegiance. These tasks can range from simple fetch quests to more complex missions that require you to make difficult choices that will impact the world of Thedas. Once you have completed the task, the agent will pledge their allegiance to the Inquisition and become an invaluable member of your team.

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