Rejoining the College

New main objective: Speak with Tolfdir

If you’ve harmed or killed a mage from the College of Winterhold, you’ll receive this quest in your journal. However, important characters involved in the College’s main quests cannot be killed. As a way to make amends, you must speak with Tolfdir and agree to pay a fee (shown in the screenshot above). The first offense costs 250 gold, the second 500, and each subsequent offense costs 1000 gold.


What are the steps to rejoin college?

If you are looking to rejoin college, the first step is to contact the admissions office and inquire about the reapplication process. You may need to submit a new application, transcripts of any coursework completed since your previous attendance, and updated test scores. You should also inquire about any deadlines or specific requirements for reapplying. Additionally, it may be helpful to meet with an academic advisor to discuss your goals and create a plan for your academic journey.

Can I receive financial aid if I am rejoining college?

Yes, you may be eligible for financial aid if you are rejoining college. You will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine your eligibility for federal and state financial aid programs. Additionally, some colleges and universities offer institutional aid to students who demonstrate financial need or academic merit. It is important to note that financial aid may be different for students who have previously attended college, so it is important to speak with a financial aid advisor to understand your options and requirements for reapplying.

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