Reptilian Ruckus | Deadpool Bonus Missions: Collectables

Finding Character Tokens

To get the Thing (F.F.) Character Token, you must uncover three hatches. Two are located in the main room – one on the left and the other on the right. Use Iron Man to melt the golden hatch and blow up the silver one.

Drain the pond and find the last hatch hidden near the crocodile. Use a character with telekinesis power, like Loki, to open the hatch and collect the Token.

Getting Deadpool’s Red Brick

As Thor, jump down and charge up the battery. Wait for the metal cage with the “Studs x8” Deadpool Brick. Use Magneto to open the cage and claim the reward.

Rescuing Stan Lee

In the last stage, turn left as a character with claws, such as Wolverine, and dig out the F.F. Panel elements from the sand pile. Put them together as Mr. Fantastic and use the object to save Stan Lee.


What are the Reptilian Ruckus missions in Deadpool?

The Reptilian Ruckus missions are bonus missions available in the Deadpool video game. In these missions, players take control of Deadpool as he battles against a group of reptilian creatures that have invaded a laboratory. The missions take place in a side-scrolling platformer format and feature a variety of enemies and obstacles to overcome. Players must use Deadpool’s unique abilities, such as his healing factor and teleportation, to progress through the levels and defeat the reptilian invaders.

What are the Collectables in the Deadpool Bonus Missions?

The Collectables in the Deadpool Bonus Missions are special items scattered throughout the levels that players can collect. These items include action figures of Deadpool and other Marvel characters, as well as hidden letters that spell out words related to Deadpool’s backstory. Collecting these items unlocks special bonuses, such as new costumes for Deadpool and concept art for the game. Additionally, finding all of the Collectables in a level unlocks a special achievement for the player.

Are the Reptilian Ruckus missions required to complete the Deadpool game?

No, the Reptilian Ruckus missions are not required to complete the Deadpool video game. They are bonus missions that offer additional content for players to enjoy. However, completing these missions and collecting the Collectables can provide players with extra challenges and rewards, as well as a deeper understanding of Deadpool’s character and backstory. Whether or not to tackle these missions is up to the individual player’s preference.

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