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New Main Objective: Meet the men outside Fort Kastav

It is important to note that you receive this mission during the Reunification of Skyrim main Imperial Legion Quest and its completion is required to advance to the next part.

The scouts have positioned themselves at a distance from Fort Kastav (as seen in the above screen) on the world map. The fort is located northwest of Windhelm, and you should start your journey from there, reaching the scouts from the south.

Once you meet them, talk to the scout’s commander, Hadvar (as seen in the above screen). He will explain the plans for rescuing the prisoners and inform you that there is a grate on the outside of the wall which can be used to sneak into the prison. After the prisoners have been rescued, Hadvar suggests meeting his men at the courtyard to eliminate enemy soldiers. Whether you agree to his plan or not doesn’t matter, as getting to the grate does not require high thieving skills.

New Main Objective: Sneak into the fort

It is recommended to wait until nightfall to avoid being accidentally discovered by the sentries. Move east towards the fort in a straight line (as seen in the above screen).

After some distance, crouch or slow down to avoid being spotted or heard. Turn northeast and try to get as close as possible to the wall (as seen in the above screen).

Once you reach the wall, stop and turn south. Head towards the grate marked by the game (as seen in the above screen) and use it to enter Fort Kastav Prison.

New Main Objective: Free the prisoners

The map labels for this section are: 1 – secret prison entrance; 2 – corridor leading to cells; 3 – probable whereabouts of a guard with the cell key; 4 – cells with the imprisoned Legionnaires; 5 – route to the main courtyard.

Sneaking is recommended here as well, but even if you are spotted, the guards from the courtyard will not come here. Open the closest door and pass the larger room, heading east (as seen in the above screen).

After some time, turn south and prepare to take out the first guard who should be patrolling the area of the stairs (as seen in the above screen). It is better to surprise him.

Continue south. The second guard is near the cells holding the Legionnaires (as seen in the above screen). If you have not been spotted, you should be able to surprise him as well.

There are three imprisoned Legionnaires here (as seen in the above screen). You can either lockpick their cells (as the locks are poorly secured) or examine the body of the second guard to obtain the Fort Kastav Prison Key.

New Main Objective: Take over the fort

Free all three Imperial Legion Legionnaires and wait until they run towards one of the nearby chests to recover their equipment (as seen in the above screen).

To continue, you must return to the northern room of the prison and defeat one guard on the way. Once there, save the game before going through the north door to Fort Kastav’s inner courtyard. If you specialize in close combat, you can attack the Stormcloak soldiers right away and not worry about the freed Legionnaires. If ranged combat is your preference, head to the left wall upon leaving the prison and find a good observation point to take out the Stormcloak soldiers. Be on the lookout for a larger group approaching from the northwest, which you can stop with an area-effect attack like the Unrelenting Force Dragon Shout. This battle is unique in that no new enemy soldiers will appear, so focus on the ones marked by the arrow and fight until everyone is dead. Once finished, find Hadvar and listen to his commentary, which will depend on how well you dealt with the enemy. This mission is now complete, and you can move on to completing the Reunification of Skyrim by reporting to General Tullius.


What is the Imperial Legion quest “Rescue from Fort Kastav” about?

The Imperial Legion quest “Rescue from Fort Kastav” is a mission in the game Skyrim where the player must rescue a group of Imperial soldiers who have been taken captive by the Stormcloak rebels. The player is tasked with infiltrating Fort Kastav, a stronghold held by the rebels, and freeing the prisoners.

What challenges will the player face during “Rescue from Fort Kastav”?

The player will face several challenges during “Rescue from Fort Kastav.” The stronghold is heavily guarded, and the player must use stealth and combat skills to navigate through the fort undetected. The player will also encounter traps and puzzles that must be solved to progress through the fort. Additionally, the player will face the rebel leader, who is a formidable opponent and must be defeated to complete the mission.

What rewards can the player expect from completing “Rescue from Fort Kastav”?

Upon completing “Rescue from Fort Kastav,” the player will receive a reward in the form of gold and experience points. Additionally, the player will gain favor with the Imperial Legion, which can lead to further quests and opportunities within that faction. Completing this mission will also contribute to the overall progress of the game’s storyline, as the Imperial Legion is one of the factions involved in the civil war that is central to the game’s plot.

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