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New main objective: Talk to Mirabelle Ervine

You can find Mirabelle in the main square of the College, in the Hall of the Elements, or in her room at the Hall of Attainment. Ask her about the Staff of Magnus to receive the next objective. She will mention the Synod mages of Cyrodiil and direct you to the ruins of Mzulft, but she won’t be entirely sure about the location.

New main objective: Find the ruins of Mzulft

Check the world map to locate Mzulft in the eastern part of Skyrim. Start from Kinesgrove and head southeast, watching out for predators along the way.

If you stick to the main path, southwest of the ruins you will find the remains of ancient buildings. Follow the path to reach the large gate leading to Mzulft.

New main objective: Search for Synod researchers

You will quickly complete this objective by encountering Gavros Plinius, one of the Synod researchers, immediately upon entering the ruins. Listen to his dying words about a crystal and Paratus. Search his body to obtain the Mzulft Key and Research Log.

New main objective: Reach the Oculory

Use the key to open the second large gate and proceed forward. Watch out for the pressure plate that triggers ceiling blades. You will find the corpse of the second researcher a bit further. Checking the other mages’ bodies is optional.

Beware of Dwarven Spider Workers that will attack you soon after. They are resistant to ice, so use spells or items of other elements. Keep exploring the ruins and head east after the battle.

In the next room, you will face a powerful Dwarven Spider and another Spider Worker. Increase your thunder resistance and keep the spider at bay. Exploring the area behind the northern door is optional, but beware of the trap. Choose the eastern door to proceed further.

Another Dwarven Spider will attack you soon. Destroy it and proceed through the northern door. Save your game before facing a Chaurus Reaper, using your strongest spells and avoiding its range attacks. Two more researcher bodies can be found in the area.

Travel north, but beware of a trap that can trigger an avalanche. You will encounter two Chauruses along the way (shown in the above screenshot), so use area-of-effect spells to defeat them. Continue north until you reach a door, then turn east and save your progress.

Upon reaching the upper floor, you will face a Dwarven Sphere (as seen in the above screenshot). These machines are powerful in direct combat, so try to keep your distance and slow them down. Use your strongest weapons and spells to defeat them. Afterward, pick the lock on the eastern gate or continue north.

Proceed through the newly opened door and defeat the Spider Worker. Be prepared, as another Dwarven Sphere will emerge from one of the side holes (as shown in the above screenshot). Use the same tactics as before and keep your distance. Move forward and eliminate another Spider Worker in the next room. You can either explore the locked gate on the lower level or head straight to the northern gate.

Prepare to face a third Dwarven Sphere and attack it when it appears in the distance. Your goal is to reach the northern part of the room, but be cautious when stepping on the pressure plates (as shown in the above screenshot), as they activate the machinery. If you are pushed down, you will need to defeat two more Dwarven Spiders. Once you pass the traps, take the northern corridor, search for chests, and eventually you will reach the Mzulft Boilery.

Head east and prepare to face your first Falmer (as shown in the above screenshot). These creatures can be warriors, archers, or mages, and are more agile and resilient than standard enemies. Keep moving and heal quickly if necessary. Continue northeast and eliminate another Falmer Skulker. A larger group of Falmers will attack you in one of the northern rooms, so focus on the magic-using monster first. Explore the western storage room with a master lock, but be aware that the dwarven machinery inside is destroyed.


What is “Revealing the Unseen”?

“Revealing the Unseen” is a quest in the video game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. It is a part of the College of Winterhold questline and is given to the player by Tolfdir, a member of the college. The quest requires the player to explore the Mzulft Aedrome, a Dwemer ruin, in order to find an ancient artifact called the Staff of Magnus. The Staff is needed to prevent the Eye of Magnus, a powerful magical artifact, from destroying the college and the surrounding area. The quest involves battling various Dwemer automatons and solving puzzles to progress through the ruin.”

Where is the Mzulft Aedrome located?

The Mzulft Aedrome is located in the eastern part of Skyrim, in the region known as Eastmarch. It is south of the city of Windhelm and northeast of Riften. The entrance to the ruin is on a hillside near a river, and it can be difficult to find without a map or directions. The player can ask various NPCs in the game for directions to the ruin, or they can use a map marker if they have previously visited the area.”

What are Dwemer ruins?

Dwemer ruins are ancient underground structures built by the Dwemer, a long-extinct race of elves known for their advanced technology and architecture. The ruins are scattered throughout the province of Skyrim and can be identified by their distinctive metal and stone architecture. The Dwemer were skilled engineers and craftsmen, and their ruins are filled with elaborate machinery, traps, and puzzles. They are also home to various types of Dwemer automatons, including centurions, spiders, and spheres, which can be hostile to the player. Dwemer ruins are often the site of quests and treasure hunts in the game.”

What is the Eye of Magnus?

The Eye of Magnus is a powerful magical artifact that is central to the plot of the College of Winterhold questline in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. It is a large, glowing orb that is located in the college’s courtyard, and it is said to have been created by Magnus, one of the original architects of the universe. The Eye is capable of immense magical power, and it has the potential to destroy the college and the surrounding area if it is not controlled. The player must obtain the Staff of Magnus in order to disrupt the Eye’s power and prevent it from causing destruction. The Eye is also the focus of a related quest called “The Staff of Magnus,” which takes place after the player completes “Revealing the Unseen.”

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