Revealing the Unseen – p. 3

New main objective: Focus the Oculory

Follow the path to the upper console, but before activating it, grab the Spell Tome: Frostbite and Spell Tome: Flames from the left shelf. Open your inventory, go to Books, and make sure you know Frostbite and Flames. Then, press TAB, choose Magic and Destruction, and activate both spells, assigning each to a different hand. Return downstairs to the Oculory lens and press both mouse buttons while aiming at any lens to set the construction in motion. Use magic to position the lenses until each reflected beam points at a different part of the ceiling.

After positioning the lenses, return to the upper console with three buttons. Press each button until its corresponding mirror reflects a beam. Start with button number 1, then press button 2 until the middle mirror reflects a beam. Finally, press button 3 until the upper mirror reflects a beam.

The solution can be seen in the screenshot above. Beam 1 reflects off the lower mirror, beam 2 off the middle mirror, and beam 3 off the upper mirror.

New main objective: Talk to Paratus

Speak to Paratus, who will blame you for the unsatisfactory result and mention the Eye of Magnus as the cause of the disturbance. He will suggest that the Staff of Magnus may be found in the Labyrinthian.

New main objective: Report to Savos Aren

Exit the Oculory room and head east, then south to speak with Nerien, who will urge you to return to the College as quickly as possible. Use the southern door to return to the surface.

To complete the College of Winterhold quest, start by opening the world map and heading to the college. Upon arrival, go to the Hall of the Elements and notice that Ancano has created a protective barrier, preventing other mages from accessing the Eye of Magnus. To assist in deactivating the barrier, approach the Arch-Mage and use any offensive spell to weaken it. Once the barrier disappears, approach Ancano and watch a brief cinematic that will result in the main character losing consciousness.

When you regain consciousness, speak with Mirabelle Ervine who will inform you that Ancano needs to be stopped. To begin this process, find the Arch-Mage who was thrown back due to the explosion and probably requires assistance. Completing this quest will unlock the College of Winterhold quest: Containment.


1. What is the main focus of Revealing the Unseen quest in Skyrim?

The main focus of Revealing the Unseen quest in Skyrim is to uncover the secrets of the College of Winterhold’s past. The player is tasked with finding four ancient artifacts that are said to hold great power. These artifacts were created by the founding members of the College and were hidden away to keep them out of the wrong hands. The quest takes the player through a series of challenges, including solving puzzles and battling powerful opponents, until they finally uncover the truth behind the artifacts and the College’s history.

2. How do I start the Revealing the Unseen quest in Skyrim?

To start the Revealing the Unseen quest in Skyrim, the player must first complete the main College of Winterhold questline. Once that is done, they can speak to Tolfdir, a member of the College, who will give them the quest. Tolfdir will ask the player to retrieve the Staff of Magnus, which is the first artifact they must find. From there, the player can begin the quest and start their journey to uncover the College’s secrets.

3. Are there any prerequisites for starting the Revealing the Unseen quest in Skyrim?

Yes, there are prerequisites for starting the Revealing the Unseen quest in Skyrim. The player must first complete the main College of Winterhold questline, which includes completing the quests First Lessons, Under Saarthal, Hitting the Books, and Good Intentions. Once those quests are completed, the player can speak to Tolfdir, who will give them the quest to find the Staff of Magnus and begin the Revealing the Unseen questline.

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