Reversing the Situation

How to unlock: Find and read the book situated beneath the tree, near the destroyed village.

Quest giver: – (M15,11)

The book located under the tree.

Examine the book beneath the tree. On the map, you will see the indicator for the next clue that you must discover. It’s located under the tree to the south, near the tower next to the quarry (M15,11a).


  • Small amount of experience
  • 150 Inquisition influence


What does “Turning the Tables” mean?

“Turning the Tables” is an idiomatic expression that means to reverse the situation or to change the position of power, usually in a surprising way. It can be used in various contexts, such as in a competition, a conflict, or a relationship. For example, if a team that is losing suddenly gains the upper hand and starts winning, they can be said to have turned the tables. Similarly, if someone who is usually submissive stands up for themselves and becomes the dominant one, they can be said to have turned the tables. The expression can also imply that the person who has turned the tables has gained an advantage over their opponent or has achieved a goal that was previously out of reach.”

What are some examples of “Turning the Tables” in popular culture?

There are many examples of “Turning the Tables” in movies, TV shows, and literature. One popular example is the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare,” where the slow and steady tortoise wins the race against the fast but overconfident hare. Another example is the movie “Rocky,” where an underdog boxer named Rocky Balboa defeats the reigning champion Apollo Creed. In the TV show “Breaking Bad,” the protagonist Walter White starts as a meek high school chemistry teacher and eventually becomes a powerful drug lord, turning the tables on his adversaries. In each of these cases, the character who turns the tables gains an advantage over their opponent, often through hard work and determination.”

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