Rifts in Sand and Dust

How to activate: Automatically upon establishing the camp (M19,2) or discovering one of the Rifts (M19,2a)(M19,2b).

Quest giver: – (M19,2) or (M19,2a) or (M19,2b)

This quest can be initiated in two ways – by setting up camp in The Western Approach (M19, 2) or by encountering one of the two Rifts (M19,2a)(M19,2b).

The objective of the quest is to close both Rifts that connect the game world with the Fade. The first Rift is located in the western part of the map between the camp and the keep (M19,2a) and poses no significant challenge. Every monster you encounter is of an easy level. The second Rift is found south of the western camp (M19,2b) and is guarded, but only the rage demon may pose any difficulty.

Rewards upon completion of the quest:

  • Experience (lots of)
  • 400 Influence Points
  • 4 Power Points


What are Rifts in Sand and Dust?

Rifts in Sand and Dust are geological formations that occur in arid regions. They are long, narrow cracks or fissures that form in the ground due to the expansion and contraction of the soil. These fractures can range from a few centimeters to several meters in width and depth and can extend for several kilometers.

What causes Rifts in Sand and Dust?

Rifts in Sand and Dust are mainly caused by the extreme temperature fluctuations in arid regions. During the day, the soil gets hot and expands, and at night, it cools down and contracts. This continuous cycle of expansion and contraction puts stress on the soil, which eventually leads to the formation of rifts and cracks.

Are Rifts in Sand and Dust dangerous?

Rifts in Sand and Dust can be dangerous if they are not identified and avoided. These fractures can be several meters deep and can be hidden under a thin layer of sand or dust, making them difficult to spot. Driving or walking over these rifts can cause serious injuries or even death. It is important to stay alert and avoid these formations when traveling through arid regions.

What impact do Rifts in Sand and Dust have on the environment?

Rifts in Sand and Dust can have a significant impact on the environment. They can cause soil erosion, alter groundwater levels, and affect the distribution of vegetation. These fractures can also expose deeper layers of soil, which can contain minerals and nutrients necessary for plant growth. However, they can also lead to increased soil salinity, which can be harmful to plants and animals. The long-term impact of Rifts in Sand and Dust on the environment is still being studied.

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