Rifts Near the Canyon

Unlocking Method: Automatically unlocked after establishing a camp (M16,2) or discovering one of the three Rifts (M16,2a)(M16,2d)(M16,2g).

Quest Provider: – (M16,2) or (M16,2a) or (M16,2d) or (M16,2g)

You can unlock this quest in two ways – either by setting up one of the camps in the Hissing Wastes (M16,2) or by approaching one of the three Rifts (M16,2a)(M16,2d)(M16,2g).

This mission involves closing three Rifts located on the farm that connect this world with the Fade. The first one (M16,2a) is located in the Western part of the map. It is guarded by high level Greater Shades, so make sure to prepare your team properly before the battle. The second Rift can be found in the Western part of the map, on the desert (M16,2d). You need to be ready to fight with Pride Demons. Focus your team’s attention on eliminating these enemies and avoid using attacks based on electricity or paralyzing ones. The third Rift is located in the central part of the map (M16,2g). Just like in the case of the second Rift, you will have to fight a group of demons led by several Pride Demons.


  • Experience (a lot)
  • 1800 Inquisition influence
  • 6 Inquisition power


What are rifts near the canyon?

Rifts near the canyon are geological formations that occur when the earth’s crust is pulled apart. This can happen when tectonic plates move away from each other, or when magma rises to the surface. The result is a long, narrow crack in the earth’s surface. In some cases, these rifts can be several miles long and hundreds of feet deep. Rifts near the canyon are particularly interesting because they can expose layers of rock that would otherwise be hidden from view. They can also provide important clues about how the earth’s crust has changed over time.

Where can I find rifts near the canyon?

Rifts near the canyon can be found in many places around the world. Some of the most famous rifts are located in East Africa, where the African Plate is slowly pulling away from the Arabian Plate. In the United States, rifts can be found in places like the Grand Canyon and Death Valley. These rifts are the result of tectonic activity and erosion over millions of years. If you’re interested in seeing rifts near the canyon for yourself, there are many national parks and geological sites that offer tours and information about these fascinating geological formations.

What causes rifts near the canyon to form?

Rifts near the canyon are caused by a variety of factors, including tectonic activity, magma intrusion, and erosion. When tectonic plates move away from each other, they can create a rift valley. This process can take millions of years and can result in the formation of new oceans and continents. Magma intrusion can also create rifts by pushing the earth’s crust apart. Finally, erosion can expose rifts that were previously hidden beneath layers of sediment. Over time, water and wind can erode the surface of the earth, revealing the underlying geology and creating spectacular rifts near the canyon.

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