Rifts Near the Sand Crags

How to Activate: Automatically unlocked by establishing a camp (M16,2) or discovering one of the Rifts (M16,2b)(M16,2c)(M16,2e).

Quest Provider: – (M16,2) or (M16,2b) or (M16,2c) or (M16,2e)

This quest can be initiated in two ways – either by establishing a camp in the Hissing Wastes (M16,2) or by approaching any of the three Rifts related to this mission (M16,2b)(M16,2c)(M16,2e).

This quest entails closing three Rifts that connect this world to the Fade, situated on the farm. The first Rift is located in the central part of the Wastes, between two camps that you can establish (M16,2b). A challenging battle with Pride Demons awaits, and you should avoid using electric or paralyzing attacks. The entire team should concentrate on these monsters. The second Rift is situated south of the camp in the central part of the map (M16,2c). Once again, you will battle Pride Demons, and they should be your primary focus. You can locate the third and final Rift northeast of the central camp (M16,2e). The battle here is somewhat easier, but you must rapidly eliminate the Despair Demons in that area.


  • Experience (a lot)
  • 1800 Inquisition influence
  • 6 Inquisition power


What are Rifts Near the Sand Crags?

Rifts Near the Sand Crags are mysterious geological formations that can be found in the sandy deserts of some regions. These rifts are deep cracks in the earth, often several meters wide and hundreds of meters long. They are usually found in groups, forming a complex network of interconnected rifts.

Scientists are still not entirely sure how these rifts were formed. Some speculate that they are the result of tectonic activity, while others believe they are caused by erosion and weathering. Whatever the cause, Rifts Near the Sand Crags are fascinating and beautiful natural wonders that attract many tourists and adventurers.

Are Rifts Near the Sand Crags dangerous?

While Rifts Near the Sand Crags are certainly impressive and awe-inspiring, they can also be dangerous for unwary travelers. The rifts can be several meters deep, and if you fall into one, you could easily break a bone or worse. Additionally, the sand in and around the rifts can be loose and unstable, making it difficult to climb out if you do fall in.

For this reason, it is essential to exercise caution when exploring Rifts Near the Sand Crags. Always travel with a companion, wear sturdy footwear, and be mindful of your surroundings. If you do decide to explore these natural wonders, be sure to take plenty of water and sun protection, as the desert sun can be extremely harsh.

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