Romancing Cullen in Dragon Age Inquisition


Who can romance Cullen? Cullen can only be romanced by a human or elf female. If you play as any other race or gender, you can still flirt with him but it won’t lead to a serious relationship.

How to build a positive relationship with Cullen? During conversations with Cullen, choose dialogue options that show support for the Templars. Look out for dialogue options with heart symbols and choose them whenever possible.

Other important steps:

  • Building a successful relationship with Cullen is relatively easy. Talk to him as much as possible and choose the right dialogue options (and play a game of chess with him). After reaching Skyhold, he should respond to your advances and you can share a kiss.
  • Later in the game, complete side quests connected to Cullen (found under the Inner Circle tab in your journal). The quest Perseverance deals with Cullen’s addiction to lyrium. Do not encourage him to continue taking lyrium or he may end the relationship or refuse to start one.
  • The quest Happier Times involves accompanying Cullen to a place with happy memories. It ends with another kiss and a gift.
  • If you ally with the mages during the main storyline, you can complete the quest Before the Dawn from Cullen. It won’t significantly affect your relationship if you ally with the Templars instead.


1. What is the romance storyline with Cullen in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Cullen is a companion and potential romance option in the game Dragon Age Inquisition. The romance storyline with Cullen begins with the player character (PC) interacting with him and building a relationship through dialogue options. As the relationship progresses, the PC can engage in romantic conversations and eventually initiate a romantic relationship. The romance culminates in a scene where Cullen expresses his love for the PC and they share a passionate kiss.

2. What are some of the benefits of romancing Cullen in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Romancing Cullen in Dragon Age Inquisition has several benefits for the player character. First, it provides a unique storyline that adds depth to the game experience. Second, it grants additional dialogue options and interactions with Cullen throughout the game. Third, it can provide bonuses to the PC’s stats and abilities. Finally, it adds an emotional element to the game that can enhance the player’s investment in the story and characters.

3. Are there any drawbacks to romancing Cullen in Dragon Age Inquisition?

While romancing Cullen in Dragon Age Inquisition has many benefits, there are also some potential drawbacks. First, it limits the player’s ability to romance other characters in the game. Second, it may not be appealing to players who are not interested in a romantic storyline. Finally, some players may not find Cullen’s character or personality to be compelling or attractive, which could detract from their enjoyment of the romance storyline.

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