Ruined King: Fishing

On this page of the Ruined King: A League of Legends Story manual, we will inform you where to acquire your fishing gear and how to start fishing.

This page of the Ruined King: A League of Legends Story guide explains the process of obtaining a fishing pole, equipping your character with fishing equipment, and catching fish.

Fishing is an optional activity in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story which players can engage in while completing the main story or side quests. Fishing allows you to earn additional rewards such as Black Marks and chests filled with valuable loot.

  • Fishing pole – how to obtain?
  • Fishing equipment – how to equip your character?
  • Fishing – how to fish?

Fishing pole – how to obtain?

You can obtain a basic fishing pole for free after playing the game for around 1.5 hours (completing approximately 12% of the plot) and reaching Bilgewater in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

Go to the Buhru Grotto and find the location indicated in the image above. The fishing pole and other valuable items can be found in the chest.

You can also purchase a fishing pole in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story from a specific merchant. In Bilgewater, you can locate the merchant at the location marked in the picture above.

In later stages of the game, you may need better equipment to catch fish.

Fishing equipment – how to equip your character?

You can locate the Fishing tab in the main menu (press the tab key on PC). From there, you can access the fishing equipment required to begin fishing.

Access the fishing menu and equip your character with the Fishing Pole and Lure. Note that in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, you cannot catch fish without bait.

Bait can be obtained by exploring the in-game world or purchasing it from a trader who sells fishing equipment, such as the one in Bilgewater.

Fishing – how to fish?

In Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, you can catch fish in specific locations marked on maps with a hook icon, known as fishing spots.

Once you reach the designated location, you can cast your rod and drop your bait into the water. When casting bait, an indicator will appear at the top of the screen, showing how far it will be cast.

If the fish is near the fishing spot, you do not need to cast your bait too far.

When the fish bites the bait, two indicators will appear on the screen:

  1. The red indicator represents your character’s stamina bar, which will decrease if you move the fishing line in the opposite direction to the fish’s movements.
  2. The green indicator represents the fish’s stamina bar, which decreases when the fish tries to escape. If the fish’s stamina is exhausted, it will stop fighting for a short time, allowing you to reel it in.

To succeed at fishing in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, you must keep the fishing line in the right position and pull in the same direction as the fish. Even if the fish starts to swim away from you, it’s important to maintain the stamina bar at a reasonable level to reduce the risk of losing the fish.

Remember that pulling the rod in the opposite direction of the fish’s movements will significantly reduce your character’s stamina level, causing the fishing line to turn from blue to red.

Once the fish reaches the fishing spot, it will automatically be caught and information about the type of fish or rare treasure you’ve caught will be displayed on the screen.


What is Ruined King: Fishing?

Ruined King: Fishing is a fishing simulator game that allows players to experience the thrill and excitement of catching fish in various locations around the world. The game features realistic graphics and physics, multiple fishing techniques, and a wide range of fish species to catch. Players can choose from different fishing rods, reels, and lures to customize their fishing experience and increase their chances of catching bigger fish.

What makes Ruined King: Fishing different from other fishing games?

What sets Ruined King: Fishing apart from other fishing games is its attention to detail and realism. The game features accurate depictions of real-world fishing techniques, environments, and fish species, making it a great tool for those who want to learn about fishing or improve their skills. Additionally, the game has a strong focus on exploration and adventure, with players able to travel to different locations around the world to find the best fishing spots and catch the biggest fish. The game also offers a variety of challenges and achievements to keep players engaged and motivated to keep fishing.

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