Sabertooth | Boss Fights

During this stage, you will be facing off against Magneto and Sabertooth. Iron Man is unarmed, so rely on Hulk and Wolverine to defeat them.

To begin, defeat all of the prisoners to progress to the next round. Select Wolverine and head to the pile of bricks on the right. Construct a green handle from the debris and use Hulk to lift the object and throw it at Sabertooth. This will conclude the first round.

The second sequence is similar, defeat all of the minions and construct another missile to throw at the target.

The final sequence is almost identical to the previous one. However, this time you must create not one, but two objects and throw them at Sabertooth. Keep in mind that the arch villain will leap from the destroyed platform to the other, which is why two missiles are necessary.

Once you have successfully thrown the two missiles, the fight will be over.


What is Sabertooth in the game?

Sabertooth is a boss enemy in various video games, often depicted as a large, fearsome beast resembling a prehistoric tiger or saber-toothed cat. It is often encountered as a mid to late-game boss, with high health and powerful attacks. Sabertooth is known for its speed and agility, making it a challenging opponent to defeat. Players often need to utilize various strategies and weapons to overcome this formidable foe. Sabertooth is a popular boss in many games due to its intimidating appearance and difficulty level.

How can I defeat Sabertooth in boss fights?

Defeating Sabertooth in boss fights requires careful planning and execution. It is important to have a good understanding of Sabertooth’s attack patterns and weaknesses. Players should aim to dodge its attacks and strike when there is an opening. It is recommended to use ranged weapons and traps to wear down its health from a safe distance. Some games also offer the option to summon allies or use special abilities to deal extra damage to Sabertooth. It is important to remain patient and persistent, as defeating Sabertooth can take several attempts. With the right strategy and skill, players can overcome this challenging boss and emerge victorious.

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