Saints Row 2022: Availability, Exclusivity, and Xbox Game Pass Subscription

This guide page provides information on the availability of the PC version of Saints Row 2022. You will find out if the game is available on Steam or if it is exclusive to EGS. You will also learn if it is playable through an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

The release of Saints Row 2022 included various platforms, including the PC. This page of the guide answers where you can purchase the game on PC and whether it is available on Epic Games Store and Steam. Additionally, you will find out if it is accessible through Game Pass.

  • Epic Games Store
  • Steam
  • Is Saints Row available on Xbox Game Pass?

Epic Games Store

Starting from its release on August 23rd, 2022, the Saints Row reboot is temporarily exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC.

The game was also released in physical and digital form for consoles. Saints Row 2022 is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.


At present, the game is not available on Steam, but it may be in the future. Other games published by Deep Silver, such as Metro Exodus, were exclusive to EGS for a year after release. It can be assumed that Saints Row may become available on Steam around August 2023, but there is no guarantee.

Is Saints Row available on Xbox Game Pass?

Saints Row is not available at launch on Xbox Game Pass or any other similar service. If you want to play the game soon after its release date, you will have to purchase it at full price.


1. What platforms will Saints Row 2022 be available on?

Saints Row 2022 will be available on multiple platforms, including Epic Games Store, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass. Players will be able to choose their preferred platform to play the game on.

2. Will Saints Row 2022 be exclusive to any platform?

There is no information available at this time regarding exclusivity. However, it is unlikely that the game will be exclusive to any one platform, as it is being released on multiple platforms.

3. Will there be any differences in gameplay or content between the different platforms?

There are no known differences in gameplay or content between the different platforms. The game will likely have the same features and storyline across all platforms, but there may be slight differences in graphics or performance depending on the player’s hardware.

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