Saints Row 2022: Backstabbers Contract – How to Complete It?

This guide page for Saints Row 2022 provides information about the Backstabbers contract. It includes the tasks required to eliminate the enemies.

This page is dedicated to the Backstabbers contract in the Wanted app on your phone. We provide a step-by-step guide to completing the task.

  • Starting Location
  • Reaching the Phone
  • Objective

Starting Location

The location is in the central part of El Dorado, near the fast travel point.

Reaching the Phone

Begin the contract by accessing the Wanted app and selecting Backstabbers. Upon successful completion of the activity, you will receive a reward of 5000 dollars and 1200 XP.

Once you arrive at the location indicated on the map, you will find the phone hidden in a dried-up pool. Interact with it to receive details about the task.


After the phone call, you will receive information about the car you need to obtain. Your first task is to eliminate the three guards who are guarding the limousine. If you make a mistake, the only checkpoint for this mission is here.

After eliminating the guards and taking control of the limousine, you must go to two locations to pick up the men. It is crucial not to harm them while approaching. If you accidentally run over the target, the mission will fail.

After picking up the two men, you must go to the train tracks and leave the limousine there. Position it so that it blocks the entire track. After a few moments, the train will collide with the limousine, ending the mission. Other vehicles in the vicinity may push the limousine away from the tracks, so keep an eye on it and adjust its position if necessary.


1. What is Saints Row 2022: Backstabbers?

Saints Row 2022: Backstabbers is a popular action-adventure video game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. The game is set in a fictional city of Santo Ileso, where the player controls the character of the boss of the Saints gang. The game features various missions and contracts that the player needs to complete to progress through the story.

2. How do I start the Backstabbers contract?

To start the Backstabbers contract, you must first complete all the previous missions and contracts in the game. Once you have completed all the necessary tasks, you will receive a notification about the new contract. Simply select the contract from the game menu and start playing.

3. What are the objectives of the Backstabbers contract?

The Backstabbers contract requires the player to eliminate a rival gang leader and steal their valuable assets. The player must first gather information about the target and plan the attack carefully to avoid any unwanted attention from the police or other gangs. Once the plan is ready, the player must execute the attack and eliminate the target.

4. What are the challenges I may face during the Backstabbers contract?

The Backstabbers contract is one of the most challenging contracts in the game, and players may face several challenges during the mission. The target’s gang members may be heavily armed, and the player must be prepared to face them. Additionally, the target may have security measures in place, such as cameras and alarms, which the player must disable to avoid detection.

5. How do I complete the Backstabbers contract?

To complete the Backstabbers contract, the player must successfully eliminate the target and steal their assets without getting caught by the police or other gangs. The player must plan the attack carefully and use stealth and strategy to avoid detection. Once the mission is complete, the player will receive a reward and progress to the next level of the game.

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