Saints Row 2022: Be Your Own Boss – step-by-step guide

Be Your Own Boss is a mission in Saints Row where you need to help allies who have been attacked by Idols. Our guide provides a detailed solution on how to defeat the mini-boss member of the Collective and how to escape from the scene.

Saints Row’s Be Your Own Boss mission is filled with a lot of combat. Our guide shows you how to rescue Kev and Eli, defeat the Collective member in a mini-boss fight, and escape in a truck.

  • Rewards for completing the mission
  • Saints’ apartment
  • Get to the Idols Party
  • Rescue Kev and Eli
  • Defeat the Collective member – mini-boss fight
  • Get in the truck
  • Defend the truck

Rewards for completing the mission

  1. XP and cash rewards;
  2. new Eli’s Ride vehicle – you can access it from the garage;
  3. RPG Launcher – check the armory in the Saints’ hideout and equip the launcher (it will then show up in the weapon wheel);

  1. access to Call for Backup – you can view the Contacts in your smartphone and call your allies to support you in combat.

Saints’ apartment

The mission begins in your apartment, and it is quite amusing at first. You need to try to get out of bed three times (X/A on the controller).

Then go to the kitchen, grab a toast, and try to use the toaster (Triangle/Y on the controller, three times).

Finally, go to the living room and sit on the couch.

Get to the Idols Party

After the cutscene, you’ll find yourself outside the building. Enter the car and head to where the Idols are partying, in Marina West. The way forward is blocked with a barricade – you can break through it by driving at high speed or bypass it.

Rescue Kev and Eli

Leave the car and head to where Kev and Eli are. You’ll face some Idols along the way, but the initial encounters aren’t challenging in any way.

Defeat the Collective member – mini-boss fight

You’ll eventually face a mini-boss – the Collective member.

The boss has unique skills and is much more resistant to attacks. One of his skills is temporarily blinding you. If he does that, keep moving; otherwise, you’ll be an easy target and wait for the effect to wear off.

The enemy can also generate fireworks explosions. This is an AoE attack, so run away as far as you can to get away from it.

If you get stunned, mash Circle/B to recover. The longer you’re stunned, the easier it is for the enemies to hurt you.

Try to revive your allies if they get taken down, but only if you can do so relatively safely.

Focus on attacking the boss, draining his armor bar, and then his health bar. Try not to ignore regular enemies either, though – we recommend using AoE attacks and Takedowns on them to recover.

Get into the vehicle

Once the fight is over, make your way to the exit, taking care of any remaining enemies on the way. Finally, reach the truck and climb in to escape from the scene.

Protect the truck

As you ride atop the truck, equipped with a rocket launcher with unlimited ammo, shoot at the pursuing vehicles. Be sure to aim accurately, as reloading the launcher takes a significant amount of time.

The pursuit ends after a short while when you reach the tunnel.


1. What is Saints Row 2022: Be Your Own Boss?

Saints Row 2022: Be Your Own Boss is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. It is the fifth main entry in the Saints Row series and is set to release on February 25, 2022, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

2. What is the gameplay like in Saints Row 2022: Be Your Own Boss?

The gameplay in Saints Row 2022: Be Your Own Boss is similar to previous entries in the series, with an emphasis on open-world exploration, character customization, and over-the-top action. Players can create their own character and build their own criminal empire, recruiting new members, taking over territories, and engaging in various criminal activities.

3. What new features can we expect in Saints Row 2022: Be Your Own Boss?

Saints Row 2022: Be Your Own Boss introduces several new features to the series, including a new location called Santo Ileso, a sprawling city in the American Southwest that serves as the game’s main setting. The game also features a new vehicle customization system, allowing players to customize cars, planes, and other vehicles in unprecedented detail.

4. Is multiplayer available in Saints Row 2022: Be Your Own Boss?

Yes, Saints Row 2022: Be Your Own Boss features both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. Players can team up with friends to take on missions and activities together, or compete against each other in various modes such as deathmatch and racing.

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