Saints Row 2022: Combat – Evading, Special Attacks, Health Recovery

This section of the Saints Row 2022 game guide provides tips on combat. It covers how to aim, evade attacks, and use Takedowns.

  • Types of weapons
  • Aiming and hip firing
  • Evading and taking cover
  • Health regeneration
  • Takedowns
  • Combat perks
  • Skills during combat

This section provides information on the combat system in Saints Row 2022. You’ll learn about aiming, dodging, regenerating health, and Takedowns.

Types of weapons

Saints Row 2022 offers several types of weapons, including fists, melee weapons, handguns, assault rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, launchers, and sniper rifles. You can purchase weapons from gun stores or unlock them by completing main missions. Our guide provides detailed walkthroughs for all main missions, as well as the rewards offered at the start of each mission.

Aiming and hip firing

You can fire your weapon from the hip or aim down the sights. To aim, press the appropriate button (L2 on PlayStation, LT on Xbox). If you prefer hip firing, get the Gunslinger perk, which increases hip fire accuracy.

Evading and taking cover

To survive enemy attacks, you can dodge and take cover. Dodging allows you to avoid enemy fire and increase your survivability. You can dodge by pressing the dodge button (B on Xbox, Circle on PlayStation). Taking cover is also helpful when waiting for health to regenerate or Takedowns to charge. For more information on cover and dodging, refer to the Cover – can you use? page.

Health regeneration

Your health regenerates automatically when you’re not under attack. Simply wait in a safe location for a moment, and your health will eventually be fully restored. You can permanently extend your health bar by leveling up your character.


Saints Row 2022 features Takedowns, which are finishing moves that instantly kill enemies. Note that Takedowns do not work on armored enemies with yellow health bars.

To perform a Takedown, approach an enemy and press the execution button (Triangle/Y on the controller). During a Takedown, other enemies cannot attack you, and your health will be fully restored. Keep in mind that there is a cooldown on Takedowns, which can be reduced by killing enemies.

Combat perks

Perks can enhance your combat style and gameplay. Some perks offer significant advantages, while others provide minor benefits. Notable perks include those that improve weapon accuracy, increase health regeneration, and reduce cooldown times on Takedowns.

Combat Abilities

As you progress in the game, you will receive new abilities that can alter your gameplay. These abilities can provide you with new attacks, area-of-effect skills, or throwable explosives. For more information on abilities, check out the Best Abilities page.

  1. Gunslinger – enhances your accuracy when firing from the hip.
  2. Scavenger – increases the amount of ammo you receive from each collected ammo box. This ability is useful for stockpiling ammunition quickly, especially when exploring new areas.
  3. Fire Resistant – prevents you from taking damage and losing balance when you are on fire.
  4. Dead Eye – increases your reload speed after killing an enemy with a headshot.
  5. Loot Grab – automatically collects nearby ammo and cash.


What are the dodging mechanics in Saints Row 2022: Combat?

Players in Saints Row 2022: Combat can dodge attacks by using the dodge button. When the player presses the dodge button, their character will perform a quick roll or sidestep to avoid incoming attacks. Dodging is an essential gameplay mechanic, as it allows players to avoid damage and create openings to counterattack. Players can also use the dodge button to perform dodge attacks, which are powerful strikes that can knock down enemies.

What are the special attacks in Saints Row 2022: Combat?

Saints Row 2022: Combat features a variety of special attacks that players can use to deal massive damage to their enemies. These attacks are unique to each character and can be unlocked as players progress through the game. Some examples of special attacks include energy blasts, tornado kicks, and ground pounds. To use a special attack, players must charge up their special meter by dealing damage to enemies. Once the meter is full, the player can unleash their devastating attack.

How does health regeneration work in Saints Row 2022: Combat?

Health regeneration in Saints Row 2022: Combat is automatic and occurs over time. When the player takes damage, their health bar will decrease. However, if the player can avoid taking damage for a short period of time, their health will begin to regenerate. This encourages players to play strategically and avoid taking unnecessary damage. Additionally, players can find health pickups throughout the game world that will instantly restore a portion of their health.

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