Saints Row 2022: El Dorado’s Side Hustles – List and Description of Activities

This game guide page for Saints Row 2022 provides a rundown of all side activities found in the Jump on the Side category within El Dorado, including their location and how to complete them. These activities provide players with extra experience points and cash.

This Saints Row 2022 game guide page covers the Side Hustles category found in El Dorado’s district. Each activity has its own set of objectives that must be completed to receive a reward.

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  • Riding Shotgun
  • Wingsuit Saboteur
  • Choplifting


Reward: Varies based on Rating

This quest can be found in the eastern part of the region. Your objective is to rate Foxtails at the designated location on the map.

It’s worth noting that the billboard above the building with Foxtails is a wall collection that can be obtained now.

Remember, the lower your rating, the more enemies you’ll face and the better the reward. Protect your rating by eliminating enemies and surviving. A monster truck is ideal for this quest. Check out the Monster truck (Gargantua) – how to unlock? page to learn how to obtain this vehicle.

Riding Shotgun

Rewards for completing the Riding Shotgun side activity:

  1. 1,200 XP
  2. $4,000
  3. New weapon modifications

In the central part of the location, you’ll find the quest giver for the Riding Shotgun side activity. Your mission is to protect the car from getting damaged by enemies. Shoot enemies from afar – if they explode next to the car, it will sustain slight damage. You can change positions and even regenerate health by getting in the car (Triangle in the PlayStation version). Once the car comes to a stop with no enemies around, you’ll receive a reward.

Wingsuit Saboteur


  1. 1,200 XP
  2. $4,000

In the southern part of the location, you’ll find a quest giver with another task. You must jump out of a plane and use a wingsuit to reach the designated location. Destroy the antennas on the rooftops at five points in the city. You have 15 minutes to complete the task. You’ll receive bombs to blow up the antennas when starting this side activity. If you run out of bombs during the quest, kill enemies to obtain more ammunition.

Eliminate anyone who gets in your way. Use weather stations to launch yourself into the air and travel between rooftops. If you fall to the ground, the mission won’t reset, but you’ll return to the plane. If you die during the mission, you must redo all points. The task will end once all required antennas have been destroyed.


Rewards for completing the Choplifting side activity:

The rewards for completing the Choplifting quest include 1,200 XP, $4,000, and new weapon modifications. This quest is located in the north-western part of the map and must be completed within 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The objective is to arrive at a specific location, pick up a container, and deliver it to the client. Rewards will be granted upon completion of the task. A screenshot of the quest can be seen below:

To find this quest, players should venture to the north-western area of the map. The mission is time-sensitive and requires quick thinking and fast reflexes. Once the container has been delivered, players will receive the rewards promised.


What are the side hustles in Saints Row 2022: Side Hustles (El Dorado)?

In Saints Row 2022: Side Hustles (El Dorado), there are several side hustles that players can engage in to earn money and gain respect. These include:

  • Delivery Driver – delivering packages around the city
  • Burglar – breaking into houses and stealing valuable items
  • Drug Dealer – buying and selling drugs for profit
  • Hitman – accepting contracts to eliminate targets
  • Prostitute – engaging in sexual acts for money
  • Street Performer – entertaining crowds for tips

What is the objective of the side hustles?

The objective of the side hustles is to earn money and gain respect. Each side hustle has its own set of tasks and challenges that must be completed in order to progress and earn more money and respect. The more successful the player is in their side hustle, the more money and respect they will earn.

Are the side hustles legal?

No, most of the side hustles in Saints Row 2022: Side Hustles (El Dorado) are illegal. The player must engage in criminal activities such as theft, drug dealing, and assassination in order to earn money and gain respect. However, these activities are necessary in order to progress in the game and complete the main story missions.

Can the player switch between side hustles?

Yes, the player can switch between side hustles at any time. They can choose which side hustle to engage in based on their own preferences and goals. However, some side hustles may be locked until certain requirements are met, such as completing a specific mission or reaching a certain level of respect.

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