Saints Row 2022: How to Save Stolen Vehicles?

This guide will tell you how to become the permanent owner of stolen vehicles by saving them in a garage.

While playing Saints Row, you may have stolen valuable vehicles, but you don’t own them permanently by default. This guide will explain how to save your vehicles permanently by storing them in your garage.

  • Garages in the Game World
  • Saving a Vehicle in a Garage

Garages in the Game World

Garages help you save stolen vehicles and keep them permanently. You can take out the saved vehicles whenever you want, and they will remain in the garage unless you delete them manually.

You can find your first garage near the heroes’ hideout. The initial hideout is your apartment, and the garage door is located on one of the building’s walls. Later, in the campaign, you’ll move to an abandoned church, and you can access the garage by interacting with the open space by the building.

You can also use JimRob’s Garage, which is an early-game venture that can earn you profits. To save a vehicle there, you must drive into the building. Striking a deal with JimRob’s Garage unlocks vehicle tuning, which is described in detail on a separate page: Vehicle Tuning – How to Unlock?

All garages share the same vehicle list, so you don’t need to visit a specific garage to access your saved vehicles.

Saving a Vehicle in a Garage

To save a stolen vehicle, you must drive it to one of your garages. Remember that you can only interact with garages when you’re out of combat and not being chased by the police.

You can visit the garages to view the list of owned vehicles at any time. You can also tune them and take them out with you. If you deliver a car that is already saved in your list, the subsequent models will be numbered. All saved vehicles are available in infinite quantity, and you can take them out of the garage as many times as you’d like, even if you end up destroying them. The only way to permanently remove a car from the garage is to manually delete it from the list.

The vehicles acquired by completing missions and optional activities will be saved in your garage automatically, so you don’t need to take them there to save them.


How can I save vehicles in Saints Row 2022?

In Saints Row 2022, you can save vehicles by storing them in your garage. To do this, you need to access your garage by pressing the corresponding button on your controller or keyboard. Once you’re in the garage, you can select the vehicle you want to save and choose the option to store it. You can store up to a certain number of vehicles in your garage, so make sure to choose your favorites wisely!

Can I customize my saved vehicles in Saints Row 2022?

Yes, you can customize your saved vehicles in Saints Row 2022. Once a vehicle is stored in your garage, you can access it and choose the option to customize it. From here, you can change the paint job, add decals, upgrade the engine, and more. Additionally, you can save multiple versions of the same vehicle with different customizations, allowing you to switch between them as you please. Keep in mind that some customization options may require you to purchase certain upgrades or items.

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