Saints Row 2022: Severance Package – Walkthrough

The Severance Package quest requires players to use a tank in Saints Row. Our guide will help you spawn the MDI-344T tank, steal it, and cause enough destruction in the city.

In the Severance Package mission, players must remove Atticus from the Marshall board. Our guide will explain how to spawn and steal the tank, as well as how to use it to cause chaos.

  • Rewards for completing the quest
  • Retrieve the thumb drive
  • Go to the shipping yard
  • Enter the tank
  • Head to the mall
  • Destroy the statue

Rewards for completing the quest

  1. XP and cash
  2. MDI-344T tank – this tank can be used freely after completing the mission
  3. Collectible: Gatling Gun

  1. HQ Remodeling – the church’s interior will be renovated, but all the previous features are still available.

Retrieve the thumb drive

After unlocking the mission, use any vehicle to reach Lakeshore North, where you can retrieve the thumb drive. It can be found near the bicycle parking lot, next to some monster trucks.

Go to the shipping yard

Steal one of the monster trucks, as it will come in handy very shortly.

Once you’ve arrived, destroy Marshall vehicles by crushing them with your truck. This will immediately destroy some vehicles and heavily damage others. You can also leave the truck and fire away at the vehicles.

Enter the tank

Keep causing chaos until an enemy tank appears. Don’t shoot it – hide behind cover and wait for it to come closer.

Steal the tank by approaching it from the side and pressing the interact button (Triangle/Y on the controller).

Go to the mall

The tank is extremely powerful – you can crush other vehicles with it or fire at them with your main gun. Both methods are equally effective.

Once you arrive at the shopping center, start causing chaos by destroying Marshall vehicles, police cars, and everything else in sight.

Several attack helicopters will attack you. You can easily destroy them while staying in the tank – aim the main gun at the helicopter, wait for it to stop moving around, and fire.

Destroy the statue

You must now destroy the statue in front of the hall. Drive towards it and fire your main gun at it.

Afterwards, continue causing chaos by destroying vehicles and killing enemies in areas indicated by the game. The tank is extremely durable, so you don’t need to worry too much about enemy attacks.

Eventually, you’ll trigger a conversation with Myra. During the board meeting cutscene, you’ll have a choice to shoot Atticus dead or fire him. Regardless of your choice, you’ll complete the mission.


1. What is Saints Row 2022: Severance Package?

Saints Row 2022: Severance Package is the latest installment in the popular Saints Row video game franchise. It is an action-adventure game that takes place in a fictional city called Santo Ileso. Players take on the role of the leader of a gang called the Saints as they navigate the criminal underworld, complete missions, and build their reputation.

2. How do I play Saints Row 2022: Severance Package?

Saints Row 2022: Severance Package is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Players can control their character and navigate the city using a combination of buttons and joysticks. The game features a variety of missions, including story missions that advance the game’s plot and side missions that offer additional challenges and rewards.

3. What kind of weapons and vehicles are available in Saints Row 2022: Severance Package?

Saints Row 2022: Severance Package features a wide variety of weapons and vehicles that players can use to navigate the city and complete missions. These include traditional firearms like pistols and shotguns, as well as more exotic weapons like laser guns and gravity bombs. The game also features a variety of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and helicopters.

4. Can I play Saints Row 2022: Severance Package with friends?

Yes, Saints Row 2022: Severance Package features both single-player and multiplayer modes. Players can team up with friends to complete missions and build their gang’s reputation together. The game also features a variety of competitive multiplayer modes, including deathmatch and capture the flag.

5. How long does it take to complete Saints Row 2022: Severance Package?

The length of time it takes to complete Saints Row 2022: Severance Package depends on how much time players spend completing missions and exploring the city. The game’s main story can be completed in approximately 20-30 hours, but players can easily spend several more hours completing side missions and exploring the game’s open world.

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